The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale announces the first-in-Florida SeaQuest to its popular shopping and dining destination

By | June 12, 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale, recognized as Fort Lauderdale’s premier shopping destination, has announced SeaQuest Fort Lauderdale will open during late 2018 as one of the newest additions to its popular mix of retail and dining offerings. The hands-on global sea life education and entertainment experience for all ages will reside in a 23,000-square-foot home at the east end of The Galleria near H & M and the soon to open Powerhouse Gym.
“The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale is thrilled to announce the addition of SeaQuest Fort Lauderdale which will add another dimension to our collection of nationally recognized retailers and top-notch restaurants,” said Mark Trouba, general manager at The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale. “This first-in-Florida interactive journey through exhibits that highlight global wildlife will be fittingly located at The Galleria which has a loyal following of local shoppers and welcomes visitors from around the world.”
SeaQuest Fort Lauderdale will be home to a variety of animal species from across the globe. Designed as a “Quest of Edutainment,” visitors to SeaQuest Fort Lauderdale will journey through realistically themed environments where they will connect with the animals through various hands-on encounters such as feeding sharks and stingrays plus they can interact with capybara, Asian small-clawed otters, giant Sulcata tortoises, exotic bird species and other creatures along the way.

Blue, the Velociraptor from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s Jurassic World Franchise, Debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort as Part of “Raptor Encounter” Experience

By | June 12, 2018

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif., & ORLANDO, Fla. — Blue, one of the most popular dinosaurs from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment’s blockbuster Jurassic World franchise, is now part of Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando Resort’s exciting “Raptor Encounter” experiences inviting guests to brave the dangerous predator in daring face-to-face standoffs.

The imposing life-like creature is Owen’s beloved Velociraptor from Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and was brought to life for the “Raptor Encounter” employing the exact computer-generated model and images used to create her for the big screen.

Blue is a welcome new addition to the “Raptor Encounter,” allowing guests to come face-to-face with the clever carnivore. Velociraptors are intelligent and formidable hunters, and theme-park guests are advised to approach them with caution.

With their intimidating eye contact and ear-piercing screeches that reinforce predatory dominance, each Raptor bares 56 razor-sharp, bone-crushing teeth and lunges forward with curved talons that extend up to 12 inches from their 18-inch-long feet. Towering 12 feet in height and 15 feet—from tail to snout—the aggressive carnivores will each succumb to highly skilled handlers who adeptly guide them to within feet of guests.

“Countdown to Extinction of Jurassic Park—The Ride” at Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood recently announced its “Countdown to the Extinction of Jurassic Park—The Ride” campaign designed to pay homage to the thrill ride that closes on September 3 to make way for the all-new Jurassic World ride, a technologically-advanced epic adventure inspired by Universal Pictures’ blockbuster film franchise, opening in 2019.

In 1996, Universal Studios Hollywood redefined theme park thrill rides with the unprecedented introduction of “Jurassic Park—The Ride,” based on three-time Academy Award® winner Steven Spielberg’s epic film. Hailed as a technological achievement of triumph and wizardry, the ride featured newly debuted principles of hydraulic physics, mechanics and space-age robotics. Working in partnership with scientists, paleontologists and aerospace engineers, Universal Creative—the team that develops Universal theme park rides—brought to life one of the most compelling rides ever created. Life-sized and lifelike animatronic dinosaurs, some towering more than five-stories high, freely roamed the earth at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Twenty-two years later—and after sending millions of guests back to the Jurassic era for menacing encounters with such predators as Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Dilophosaurus, Velociraptors and the Tyrannosaurus rex, “Jurassic Park—The Ride” will become extinct in preparation for a new, next-generation experience that’s even more immersive and technologically-advanced.

Tatralandia Aquapark Unveils Europe’s First Family Turbolance

By | June 8, 2018

Tatralandia Holiday Resort is the largest year-round water fun complex with accommodation in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland. Aquapark Tatralandia, which is a part of it, with year-round seaside paradise Tropical Paradise and accommodation complex Holiday Village Tatralandia, decided to expand and install new rides. They chose Polin Waterparks as their water slide supplier to create two unique rides for the parks. The two designed and installed slides are Polin’s Family Turbolance and Family Rafting Waterslides.

The installation of the waterslides at Tatralandia is nearing completion and the ride will be opening by the end of June.

Family Turbolance is first in Europe. It is a high capacity ride with 4 people. You start riding from a height of 17.16 m, which correspondents to a 5-floor panel building. Riders will first experience a steep/big drop down and then they are propelled uphill vertically. They then experience another unforgettable path, this time a reverse path taking them over a bump and ending into a splash pool. Tatralandia named the Family Turbolance as “Mega Delphin”.

Family Rafting Slide makes it possible to share entertainment and exicitement. You can experience the joy of twists, turns and drops as a family in one of 4 passanger circular inflatable rafts. Tatralandia named the Family Rafting Slide as ”Mega 4 Family”

The new slide complex contains both a Family Turbolance and Family Rafting Waterslide with a conveyor in-between. Boats will be carried up. Just choose a raft when boarding and enjoy the unrepeatable ride.

Like Polin’s other signature attractions, Family Turbolance is manufactured via Resin-Transfer Molding (RTM) closed molded composites production technology which is the latest technology in waterslide manufacturing. This technology has many advantages. We can obtain a perfectly shiny and smooth finish on both sides of the slide; a more homogenous thickness distribution; perfectly smooth joints, and very important environmental advantages. Polin refers to the look as Magic Shine. Most waterslide manufacturers use conventional open-mold processes, which result in dull finishes that must then go another finishing process to achieve an acceptable exterior. RTM technology is mostly used in the automotive, marine and aircraft industries. Polin is the only waterslide manufacturer in the world that can produce large waterslide components using this technology and that can offer the complete line as RTM.

Along with the appealing aesthetic of a glossy exterior, Polin’s Family Rafting Waterslide also offers another innovative and patented feature: Polin’s Natural Light Effect (NLE) technology within the enclosed parts. During daylight, this manufacturing process allows the slide’s tubes to come alive with a shifting rainbow of colors. This effect can be seen by both the riders inside the tubes, as well as guests looking at the rides from outside the ride. Polin’s engineers invented this “natural light show” 20 years ago using a special technique that allows sunlight to filter through the slide’s composite material. As water flows through the tubes, it interacts with the light to create the effect. It’s true that other waterslide manufacturers offer lighting effects inside their slides. Polin’s technology, however, is unique because it requires no electricity, LED lamps or phosphorous paint. Polin has now been offering Natural Light Effects with RTM manufactured waterslides and Polin is holding a patent on this. No other waterslide manufacturer can offer this appealing special effect with an RTM manufactured waterslide.

Polin worked on the project’s design and construction alongside partner Eleven Kft. Polin has been proud partner with the company for a long time.

Call for Nominations for the 2018 AIMS International Safety Award

By | June 5, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The AIMS International Safety Award is presented annually to the individual or organization that demonstrates leadership, innovation, and foresight in improving safety in the amusement industry. With safety as the industry’s #1 concern for amusement industry guests and employees worldwide, efforts in improving safety are shown in many forms: the design and implementation of new products and technology, the development of safety education programs and training, and by exemplary leadership in influencing others.

Nominations for the 2018 AIMS Safety Award can be submitted by individuals within the amusement industry. The winner will be selected by a vote of AIMS International’s board of directors and the award will be presented during the Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, July 6, 2018. Information on the AIMS Safety Award and official nomination forms can be found on the AIMS website at Requests for forms can also be sent to AIMS at

The AIMS International Safety Award was created in 2016 and is presented annually during the Golden Ticket Awards. The inaugural award was presented to Harold Hudson at the 2016 Golden Ticket Awards at Cedar Point. In 2017, the award was presented to Har Kupers during the GTA at Lake Compounce.

Darien Throws a Tantrum

By | June 5, 2018

DARIEN CENTER, N.Y. — Orange and green balloons adorned a corner of Darien Lake Park as the facility celebrated the opening of Tantrum, a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter.

General Manager Chris Thorpe told WSYR that the park is thrilled about the coaster. He said they were, “Very excited to be opening this ride. It’s our first ride in ten years that we’ve put in. What’s unique to this attraction is that it’s straight up, beyond vertical.”

“Tantrum was a great project and really fits the park,” said Andreas Simonis, one of the Managing Directors of Gerstlauer Amusement Rides. “The orange and green colors the park chose really pop, it stands out among the park’s great coaster collection.”

The park celebrated with a great press event and opening day celebrations. They even partnered with Perry’s Ice Cream to create Tantrum Twist, a flavor inspired by the coaster. The coaster and the ice cream flavor both proved to be a hit with Guests.

“The ride really is a powerhouse,” said Adam Sandy, Chief Business Development Officer for Ride Entertainment. “It takes a lot of people by surprise because of its size. Darien Lake Park has a lot of big coasters, so Tantrum isn’t the largest ride there. But, the vertical lift and beyond-vertical drop start the ride off with a scream-worthy rush and after that it is non-stop, back-to-back inversions that make for a fun, intense ride from the time you leave the chain until the magnetic brakes slow you.”

The 8-passenger vehicles feature lap bars and are extremely comfortable and offer the park the flexibility of running one, two or three trains each day.

Ride Entertainment also handled the ride installation. Bill Wright, Managing Director of the company’s Installation Division, oversaw the ride erection. “They really have a great team to work with. We worked hand-in-hand with the Darien team to get the ride up as quickly as possible and get the soft opening done in time for Memorial Day Weekend. A majority of the ride steel went up in only a few days.”

JW Winco Offers Zinc Die-Cast Flat Adjustable Tension Levers

By | June 5, 2018

NEW BERLIN, Wisc. — JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, now offers GN 126 and GN 126.1 Zinc Die-Cast Flat Adjustable Tension Levers in Steel and Stainless Steel, with Tapped or Plain Bore Insert or Threaded Stud.

The RoHS compliant flat adjustable levers are characterized by their low height and an elegant design. Designed for whenever swiveling in a confined space is required or the lever is to be clamped in a particular position, the insert or threaded stud is moveably attached to the handle with serrations. Pulling the lever disengages the serrations, allowing it to be swiveled to the desired clamping position. On “releasing” the handle, the serrations re-engage automatically via a spring.

The handle is zinc die-cast, powder coated in either a black or silver textured finish, while the hub cover is either black or light gray. The countersunk screw is either steel or stainless steel, and either chemically blackened or a plain finish depending on the material type. The steel insert or threaded stud has a blackened finish, while the stainless version is European Standard No. 1.4305 (AISI 303).

JW Winco offers an extensive selection of inch and metric size adjustable levers, cabinet U-handles, plastic and steel hinges and locking mechanisms, revolving and retractable handles, hand wheels, hand cranks, tube connection and conveyor components, inch and metric construction tubing, shock absorption mounts, leveling mounts, hand knobs, spring, ball and indexing plungers, jig, fixture and fastening components, retaining magnet assemblies, toggle clamps, metric casters and wheels, universal joints, oil sight glasses, and metric tools for the industrial and commercial equipment industries. JW Winco’s new website, with improved 3D CAD and online buying, is viewable at

New additions to the IRT team

By | May 31, 2018

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — International Ride Training, LLC, a leading provider of comprehensive ride operations safety services training and ride operator certification, announces two exciting additions to the IRT team today.

Effective June 1, 2018, Erik H. Beard joins the company as a managing member/consultant and general counsel. In addition to supporting IRT’s International Ride Operator Certification and Auditing programs and directing the legal needs of the company, Erik brings a wealth of knowledge in risk management and compliance issues. A twenty-five year industry veteran and an attorney in private practice for the past thirteen years, Erik has advised clients in the attractions industry on policy development, ASTM compliance, state legislative and regulatory issues, and ADA compliance, among many other issues. He is a nationally-recognized expert in the applicability of the Americans With Disabilities Act to the attractions industry and is the creator of the ADA FAQ program – a first of its kind ADA compliance training program aimed specifically at front line employees. Erik is also experienced in crisis preparation, incident investigation, and post-incident response, having represented clients in a number of cases arising from aviation accidents and well-publicized incidents in the attractions industry. With Erik’s addition to IRT, IRT is even better positioned to offer comprehensive ride operations training, policy development, risk management, and incident support to its clients.

“We are delighted to welcome Erik to IRT as both a managing member and general counsel,” said Cindee Huddy, IRT, LLC managing member. “His significant operational experience coupled with his legal expertise is a perfect fit for the needs of IRT’s clients and is critical to strengthening IRT’s commitment to setting the gold standard for operational safety standards, training, certifications, and client support around the world.” Patty Beazley, IRT, LLC managing member added, “Erik has taught at our International Ride Operator Certification Safety school for the last 4 years and always receives accolades for his first-hand knowledge of ride operations and his legal expertise that are unique to our industry. We are excited that Erik is now bringing those skills to serve IRT’s clients.” For his part, Beard is “thrilled to be joining the IRT team. Cindee and Patty have been a force in the amusement industry for more than twenty years. As clients, I have been privileged to work closely with them for the last several years and have consistently been impressed with their drive, attention to safety, and true passion for the attractions industry. I believe strongly in IRT’s work and mission and am truly humbled and honored that they have welcomed me to the company.”

Beard joins IRT, LLC from Wiggin and Dana LLP, where he was counsel in the firm’s Litigation Department with a practice focused on product liability and aviation litigation, amusement/leisure counseling and litigation, and general business litigation. Prior to his career in the law, Erik spent nearly ten years working with Cedar Fair Entertainment Company and Universal Orlando in ride operations management. He has represented and advised amusement parks, trade associations, and industry suppliers with respect to the Americans With Disabilities Act, amusement ride and aquatic safety matters, and in legislative and regulatory matters before the Connecticut Department of Public Safety and the Kansas Department of Labor. He is a member of the IAAPA North American
Government Relations Subcommittee, serves on the Board of Directors for the New England Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, and is a frequent speaker at amusement industry events and trade shows. Erik received his J.D., magna cum laude, from George Mason University, and received his B.A. from The Catholic University of America.

IRT, LLC is also pleased to announce that it has partnered with Hospitality Intelligence USA LLC, an international hospitality and attractions industry consultancy headed by Anna Danau, to offer the International Ride Operator Certification program and IRT auditing services to clients in the Asia-
Pacific region. Based in Vietnam, Danau has been working with the Asian attractions industry for several years already, helping operators to boost ride safety and guest service standards, improve training methods, and execute world-class service. Additionally, she works with clients in other Asian
countries, focusing on how to use technology to improve safety and how to work across cultures while maintaining world-class safety and guest service. She will play an integral role in strengthening and expanding IRT’s international presence while maintaining IRT’s unique training approach and
commitment to its clients. Danau commented, “I am honored and excited to partner with the dynamic team at IRT. IRT’s commitment to improving ride safety through innovative training, certification, and auditing programs, is a perfect fit for the needs of the Asian attractions industry – a segment of the industry that is experiencing tremendous growth. Both Hospitality Intelligence and IRT share the same passion for ride operations safety, efficiency, and operational excellence and I’m looking forward to bringing our combined passion and expertise to the Asian market.”

Scruffy Dog opens new Barcelona office

By | May 31, 2018

Over the last three years Scruffy Dog has gone through a large global growth with the massive expansion of our factory facilities in the UK’s Midlands our new creative studio in London and the opening of our site office in Dubai but now we can celebrate our next milestone. Since the start of June we can call Barcelona one of our home towns, alongside London, Birmingham & Dubai with a brand new studio.

Our new dedicated design studio is led by our recently appointed Creative director Diego Cid & Head of architecture Maikel Menendez accompanied by our new creative designers and architects which we have hand picked from across Europe and in fact the globe who we are looking forward to welcoming to an inspiring and creative city. One of the main reasons for picking Barcelona as a new creative extension to our family was the local talent pool and growing our team of leading creative minds globally.

Allied Specialty Celebrates 35 Years of Insuring the U.S. Outdoor Entertainment Industry

By | May 31, 2018

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. — Allied Specialty Insurance, Inc., (“Allied”), an XL Group company, is marking its 35 years of insuring the US entertainment industry, including carnivals, concessionaires, amusement parks, waterparks, fairs and festivals, firework events and family entertainment centers.

According to, Mary Chris Smith, Chairman and President of Allied Specialty Insurance, Inc. “Allied was created and continues to be operated by ‘children of the carnival industry.’ We all grew up in this industry. Having lived it, we have a genuine appreciation of it and a deep-rooted understanding of the risks that entertainment operators face every day. Our personal involvement, industry knowledge and lifetime business relationships are all major contributors to our success now, and to come.”

Founded by Paul ‘Duke’ Smith and his son, David Smith, in 1983, Allied brings a unique background and intimate experience in the carnival industry to help current operators address their risk management and insurance needs. Allied provides a full suite of insurance products to clients in the amusement and entertainment industry. The company was purchased in 2016 by XL Group Ltd.

“Through these deep seeded industry roots, the Allied family knows, loves and is committed to the amusement and entertainment industry. This is what makes Allied unique and it should never change,” added Ms. Smith. “Of course, we have seen other changes in the industry over the last three decades. Now, as part of the XL Group of companies, we can tap into a more diverse portfolio of underwriting talent, insurance products and resources that will benefit our

clients as their operations change and adapt to new technologies and new or emerging business risks.”

Townsquare Completes Sale of North American Midway Entertainment Management and Operations Remain Intact

By | May 30, 2018

Farmland, Ind. – North American Midway Entertainment (NAME), LLC, the largest operator of mobile amusement parks in North America, was sold to North American Fairs, LLC, an entity owned by Danny Huston, one of themoriginal owners. NAME was acquired by Townsquare Media, Inc. in 2015. Townsquare Media, Inc. is a leading diversified media and entertainment company. NAME will continue to direct the business as usual, with its headquarters in Farmland, Indiana, and all management and operations remain intact.

“I am thrilled to own North American Midway Entertainment again,” said Danny Huston, owner. “Townsquare Media, Inc. was a great partnership for the past several years and is now reinforcing its “Local First” strategy so it was an opportune time for me to buy NAME back. As the leading provider of outdoor amusements in North America there is nothing I’m more proud of than to own this company again.” Huston continues, “Our management team will remain intact and our Fairs will continue to enjoy our excellent service, exceptional rides, games and food concessions that we have always provided.”

Jeff Blomsness, who was a partner with Huston when NAME was formed in 2004, will not join this venture. “I am thrilled for Danny to buy NAME back,” said Jeff Blomsness. “I am getting closer to retirement, but I will remain involved for the foreseeable future. I know Danny will take NAME to the next level and continue to do what we do best – provide the best, and safest, Midways to our Fairs each year.”

Formed in 2004, NAME entertains approximately 16 million people in 20 states in the United States and four Canadian Provinces on an annual basis as the operator of amusement attractions including over 200 state-of-the-art rides, custom-designed food concessions and family-oriented games at approximately 150 fairs per year. NAME maintains a strong reputation for ride quality, on-site execution and safety that has enabled it to secure long-term agreements to operate at 12 of the largest 50 fairs in North America including: Eastern States Exposition, Canadian National Exposition, Calgary Stampede, Indiana State Fair, Illinois State Fair, K-Days Edmonton, Mississippi State Fair, Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo, Kentucky State Fair, South Carolina State Fair, Tulsa State Fair and Arkansas State Fair.