They are asking about you

AT: John W.C. Robinson

I was at a local high school track meet the other day, and multiple parents took a moment to ask me a similar question: “What’s the word in the amusement industry?” The question was often followed by “What’s new?” and/or “What’s different?”


Many were talking about area parks raising or lowering their gate admission. Security and chaperone policies were a hot topic. However, despite all the other concerns, the top interests were thoughts about new and upcoming attractions and how the industry is doing now a couple seasons removed from the shadow of COVID.

While attending the Amusement Expo held recently in Las Vegas, Nevada, and covering Universal Studios Hollywood’s recent expansion with Super Nintendo World, I took two weeks to ride across the country. As I made new acquaintances along the way, they’d ask what I did for a living that allowed this kind of travel. Upon learning I was part of the amusement industry, many were full of similar questions as the ones noted above. 

It did not matter the state or the city, the population or their proximity to the nearest roller coaster. What was new in the industry and how the parks weighing the upcoming season were topics on the minds of people everywhere.

We’re at a time in America where political topics and social issues are in over-abundance, filling our ears and media on a near 24/7 basis. Maybe it’s because of this — or in spite of it — that people are more curious than ever about the forthcoming season of smiles and chances for new fun and thrills lie ahead. 

Whatever the reason for the inquiries, the people are curious and on the edge of their seats. Our guests are showing their interest in walking through the industry’s turnstiles and taking a plunge into fun. As we open our gates, let’s make sure we don’t just give them something to talk about … let’s help them make some lasting memories.

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