By | January 3, 2022

The JANUARY 2022 issue includes:

  • Accesso, Village Roadshow partnership creates model for pandemic reemergence
  • National safety seminars return to in-person format
  • IAAPA Expo 2021 coverage
  • Expanded Safety, Maintenance and Operations section
  • Fun Spot America Atlanta reveals details for major RMC coaster
  • Energylandia creates four-hectare Sweet Valley family section
  • Triotech prepares to debut new Hyper Ride in North America
  • Wild Adventures offering variety of new adventures for 2022
  • The 166th edition of Bloomsburg Fair attendance near 2019 levels
  • IAFE convention returns to in-person event, deemed a success
  • WhiteWater West dual slide package heading to Raging Waters
  • RWS acquires JRA, combined efforts able to provide full-service creativity
  • Woman of Influence: AIMS International’s Mary Jane Brewer
  • Self-service Kiosk+ technology from Embed is compact, modular
  • Communication, patience have benefitted growth of Ucargo
  • Podnology introduces its cubes, domes to amusement industry
  • Skycoaster adding thrills with new Kool Replay video system
  • Tobu Park’s Regina wooden coaster to be renovated by GCII
  • Command Center signs with Legoland Windsor, extends reach to North America … and much more!

“All Speeds” – Sunac Land Chengdu, China

By | January 21, 2022

The raging bull LSM Double Launch Coaster “All Speeds” successfully opened to the public and made its first runs with guests on December 31st, 2021 at Sunac Land Chengdu in China.

“All Speeds” is all about speed, many unexpected direction changes and a lot of airtime on an intertwined layout. The approx. 1320 meters long track with a maximum track height of 30 meters is set on a relatively compact footprint, crossing its own path 116 times. The two LSM launches create a top speed of 117 km/h and riders will have no time to take a breath while whizzing through this stunning layout.

This LSM Double Launch Coaster features no inversions, but with the two launches, the number of airtime hills, bumps and humps, the many changes of direction and near misses, this coaster guarantees for a lot of adrenaline and fun.

The four 16-seater, state-of-the-art themed trains of “All Speeds” with ergonomically shaped seats and over- the-shoulder-lap-bar restraints ensure maximum freedom and comfort with the highest safety for the passengers. The eyes of the front car bull head are equipped with red LED lights for an even wilder look to make guests believe they are riding an out-of-control bull through impressive rock works and ancient designed Chinese buildings. Intamin is thankful and equally proud of having contributed to the successful addition of Sunac Land Chengdu, China.

Elev8 Fun chooses Intercard technology for its premiere FEC

By | January 20, 2022

ST. LOUIS — Elev8 Fun is a new FEC concept that offers over 125,000 square feet of entertainment, games and experiences for the entire family. Attractions include hundreds of state-of-the-art and retro arcade games, full-sized bowling, a multi-level go-kart track, an interactive mini-golf experience, ropes courses, laser tag, and food and beverages. Elev8 Fun’s first location opened in December 2021 in Sanford, Florida and plans to open two more locations of its planned chain of mall-based FECs in 2022.

Arcade veteran David Goldfarb, CEO of PrimeTime Amusements and consulting partner of Elev8 Fun, chose Intercard for its reputation as the leading designer and manufacturer of cashless technology. “We needed a vendor that can deliver the overall cashless technology package and Intercard checks all the boxes. Furthermore, we need a live support team that will always be there 24/7,” says Goldfarb, who has used Intercard in other arcade and FEC projects.

His goal is to make Elev8’s games, laser tag and go-kart attractions even easier for customers to use while improving the facility’s guest throughput. “Customer satisfaction increases immediately when they can check their [card] balance on the floor rather than having to wait in line at the front desk,” says Goldfarb. “When they go into the redemption prize center guests can swipe their card, see how many tickets they have and go right back out to the game room.”

“Intercard’s technology gives Elev8 enhanced capabilities now and in the future,” says Bill Allen, Intercard North America sales manager. “It handles cash and credit card sales and allows Elev8 Fun to go completely cashless if they choose.”

Goldfarb also chose Intercard because it came out ahead of the competition in his analysis of total cost of ownership of its technology. “Though price was not our sole priority, Intercard is more competitive than all other players in the market on the basis of total cost of ownership” says Goldfarb.

Dollywood’s Dreammore Resort and Spa debuts Winter Music Series

By | January 19, 2022

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. — Join a number of unique and talented artists during a series of unforgettable weekends at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa. New for 2022, the Winter Music Series offers guests the opportunity to enjoy musical performances in an intimate setting. The ticketed event is open to both resort guests and non-resort guests and provides an unparalleled experience with performances every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. under the climate-controlled tent on the resort’s event lawn now through Feb. 26. 

The event kicked off Thursday, Jan. 13 with performances from singer/songwriter Wade Hayes. Hayes delighted guests as he performed songs from his album “Go Live Your Life.” The stage IV colon cancer survivor inspired guests with songs from the album, including the upbeat title track. Hayes has been a country music artist since the 1990s with hits including “Old Enough to Know Better,” “I’m Still Dancing with You,” “On a Good Night” and “What I Meant to Say.”

Performing Jan. 20-22, The Black Opry Revue is a group of diverse artists that incorporates their love of and blending of genres. These talented Black artists weave their talents throughout a showcase of blues, folk, country and Americana in their many intersections of both sounds and stories.

Nashville artist Hannah Dasher takes the stage Jan. 27-29. Aside from Dasher’s work ethic, her strong, non-conforming lyrics set her apart from her peers. Accompanying her big hair and larger-than-life personality is a voice that’s even bigger. It all makes for a sound that’s familiar — like your favorite 90s country — yet uniquely fresh.

Texas chart-topper Frank Ray entertains guests Feb. 3-5.  Ray is a former police officer and bilingual recording artist opening doors for a modern Latino Country movement. Ray’s music is a blend—drawing influences from ‘90s Texas Country, Latin, R&B and Pop. As an entertainer, Ray delivers engaging, high energy performances that have a little something for everyone.

Guests experience the music of ‘70s rock duo Seals & Crofts in a whole new way with Seals & Crofts 2 Feb. 10-12. Comprised of Brady Seals, the cousin of James “Jim” Seals, and Lua Crofts, the daughter of Darrell “Dash” Crofts, the duo artfully reimagines popular Seals & Crofts classic, as well as performing new songs of their own.

The Young Fables perform a blend of traditional and modern country Feb. 17-19. The Nashville-based duo has appeared with notable acts including Lauren Alaina, Rascal Flatts, Josh Turner, Sara Evans, Chris Janson, Randy Houser, Delta Rae, Liz Longley and Chris Lane.

The final weekend of the event features performances by well-known artist T. Graham Brown Feb. 24-26. Brown was part of one of the most vibrant and exciting time periods in country music history – the mid-1980s—when the soulful vocal stylings of Brown were all over the airwaves. His hits included “Drowning in Memories,” She Couldn’t Love Me Anymore” and his duet with Tanya Tucker, “Don’t Go Out.”

Guests can purchase the Winter Music Series room package that includes admission for two to each evening of music and one meet & greet with the featured artist. A limited number of individual tickets also may be purchased the day of each performance. Winter Music Series tickets are sold per person per evening at $20 for general admission and $15 for Dollywood Season Passholders. Artist meet & greet opportunities are available without the room package for an additional $20 after the cost of admission.

Lagotronics Projects is heavily involved in the new “Pradera Islands” theme park with 5 projects

By | January 18, 2022

VENLO — With its involvement in 5 projects, Lagotronics Projects has an important role in the development of the new 23-hectare “Pradera Islands” theme park in the Philippines. Immersive Planet, a Spanish design agency, is behind the master plan and design of this new theme park. This agency has commissioned Lagotronics Projects for the development, production and installation of an entire media-based dark ride and several other attractions.

Dark Ride – Secret of Arayat
The immersive dark ride ”Secret of Arayat” tells the Philippine myth of Mount Arayat and the golden palace of Sinukuan. Will visitors be able to find the gemstones hidden in this volcano?

Visitors embark on an immersive exploration of a volcanic landscape. Scenes with large 3D video projections are interspersed with fantastic scenery and special effects, such as hot and cold air effects, lava effects, sound effects and animatronics.

As the main contractor, Lagotronics Projects is responsible for the delivery of the ride system and all show equipment, including large video projections, multiple fog screen projections, LED screens, decorative lighting, audio systems, SFX and the main show control system. The track and vehicles will be delivered in collaboration with Metallbau Emmeln. The vehicles will have a custom design, in line with the ride’s storyline.

VR Coaster – Attack of the Aswang
Visitors to ”Pradera Islands” can also ride in a unique VR Coaster. Once wearing their VR headsets, visitors will find themselves in the Aswayan, a flying dragon made of wood and bamboo. They fly at high speed, experiencing many unexpected turns on the way, through a traditional Filipino village, the jungle and a volcano.

The roller coaster will be supplied by Preston & Barbier, along with VR Coaster (Mack Rides), Lagotronics Projects is responsible for the delivery and installation of all VR equipment.

Sunkid Towers
In addition to the dark ride and VR coaster, two interactive Sunkid Towers will be installed. Using interactive magic wands, visitors must hit as many targets as possible, which are nicely incorporated into the decor, and aim to achieve the highest score. Lagotronics Projects supplies the interactive software, magic wands, more than fifty targets located in eight decorated trees around the towers, and the scoring system with score display.

Convoy Ride
The final interactive ride is the Convoy Ride from supplier Zamperla. This outdoor ride is equipped with Lagotronics Projects’ interactive system. A new and modern design camera is provided as an interactive device, which visitors use to photograph as many creatures as possible. For each good photo guests will be awarded with points. The scoring system keeps track of each individual player’s score.

Park Sound System
Lagotronics Projects supplies the sound system for the entire park. The park is divided into different background music zones and there are various sound effects in each zone. The entire system can be easily controlled from one central point. Various settings can be adjusted, including volume and soundtracks. Announcements can also be made throughout the park, or in each zone individually, through a public address system.

Lagotronics Projects also provides the sound system for the fountain show and the background music and sound effects for the Haunted House.

Funtime debuts new StarFlyer vest restraint at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

By | January 18, 2022

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Ride Entertainment is excited to announce that the first, exclusive run of a new vest restraint for Funtime’s StarFlyer attraction at Six Flags Fiesta Texas has successfully launched to rave reviews.

Utilizing existing equipment and adding a newly designed restraint through an exclusive partnership with Skycoaster, this innovative seating arrangement gives riders the sensation of flight, soaring around the sky like a superhero.

“This simple modification to the iconic StarFlyer shows just how imaginative our team is,” said Ed Hiller, CEO and Founder of Ride Entertainment. “With wonderful partners like Funtime and Skycoaster working together under one umbrella, we were able to deliver a truly unique and memorable collaboration for our customer.”

“SkyScreamer offers a unique opportunity to showcase Six Flags’ innovative approach to creating a dynamic guest experience,” said Park President Jeffrey Siebert. “The reaction has been fun to watch and our guests are thrilled by the new option,” he added.

This new vest restraint is easy to implement as a temporary or season-long experience and requires only minor alterations to the attraction to be installed.

Jumanji The Adventure will open on Saturday 2nd April 2022

By | January 18, 2022

Jumanji The Adventure, the world’s first fully themed Jumanji ride based on Sony Pictures’ popular film franchise, will open on Saturday 2 April 2022 at Gardaland.

After being transported into the parallel dimension of the Jumanji game, Guests will make their way through the jungle facing dangerous animals and obstacles of all kinds. In a race against time, the adventurers’ mission will be to return the sacred and precious jewel to the legendary temple and save Jumanji. In particular, they will have to face the animatronics: the huge hippo that takes everyone by surprise when it appears from a swamp, and scary spiders that drop down onto the moving vehicle, as well as the roaring Stone Giant who bursts out of a cave and blocks their way with his hand.

There will be 12 spectacular and highly dramatic scenes inspired by the most iconic scenes from Sony Picture Entertainment’s Jumanji film franchise. Visitors will experience the adventure in the world of Jumanji aboard special wagons – three metres long and two metres wide – resembling an off-road vehicle, the famed 4×4 from the film, faithfully reproduced down to the smallest detail. There will be 12 vehicles in all, each with a capacity of six people, allowing almost 1,000 people to be transported per hour.

Each multi-motion vehicle, besides driving along the track, will encounter hazards, obstacles, special audio and video effects along the way by spinning around and rolling, simulating the movements of a real off-road vehicle. Thanks to these spins and rolls, the experience will be even more immersive and exciting as Visitors will experience the sensation of being on board a real 4×4 in the wild jungle of Jumanji.

To mark the arrival of the Jumanji vehicles at Gardaland, the four main cosplayers entered the attraction and carefully inspected the route and the vehicles that will take the Visitors in this brand-new Adventure.

Students name new water coaster at Quassy Amusement & Waterpark

By | January 14, 2022

MIDDLEBURY, Conn. — And the winner is: Rocket Rapids!

That is the official name given to the new water coaster coming this season to Quassy Amusement & Waterpark here, Quassy officials announced today.

The state-of-the-art attraction’s name was coined by Mrs. Jessica Papp’s fourth grade homeroom class at Canton Intermediate School, Canton, Conn., in a contest among local and area elementary and middle schools.

Quassy’s management team selected Rocket Rapids from the submissions, which were received before schools went on recess for the holidays.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” George Frantzis II, a park owner, said the process to choose the ride’s name. “We had an incredible list to select from before it boiled down to the winner in a second round of voting.”

“Our fourth graders are so honored and thrilled to have been chosen to name the new Rocket Rapids water ride at Quassy,” Mrs. Papp said in a statement to the park. “This contest was something that one child found out about and felt passionate about in the fall, and he got our whole group of students really excited! After narrowing down our many ideas, the name Rocket Rapids was chosen due to the speed and exciting twists and turns people will experience when they ride.”

She added, “To have a contest like this where community members can contribute to naming a huge new ride is really amazing! It was something that brought our homeroom class closer together. We could not be more excited! Thank you!”

Students Will Be Honored
The students in the winning class will receive commemorative T-shirts from Quassy as well as individual passes to visit the park this summer.

Rocket Rapids is currently under construction as Quassy’s Splash Away Bay Waterpark and is scheduled to open Memorial Day weekend with the other wet attractions. Quassy Amusement Park’s rides open April 23. 

The largest single investment in the park’s 114-year history, the raft ride will propel two-person rafts uphill by using water jets along its twisting, diving course. Riders will accelerate on high-banked turns known as FlyingSAUCERS.  ProSlide Technology Inc. of Canada is providing the attraction, which is the first of its genre in the state.

Having youngsters chime in on naming a major ride at Quassy is nothing new to the family-owned business. In 2011 dozens of entries poured in when the landmark property was constructing its first wooden roller coaster. Of the of entries received, two schools were selected as winners for submitting Wooden Warrior.

“As with Wooden Warrior, we plan on having a plaque at Rocket Rapids honoring the students who named it,” Frantzis said. “It will be exciting for us to present the T-shirts and passes and to have those students visit us this summer.”

For more information about Quassy Amusement & Waterpark, visit www.quassy.com.

Music legend Diana Ross, global superstar Khalid and Grammy-nominated Dj Marshmello headline live concerts as part of Universal Orlando Resort’s Mardi Gras 2022 Celebration, running February 5 through April 24

By | January 14, 2022

ORLANDO, Fla. — Universal Orlando’s Mardi Gras is back February 5 through April 24 – louder, spicier and better than ever – with the return of star-studded live concerts, a spectacular Mardi Gras parade and savory cuisine inspired by diverse flavors from around the world. The dynamic event is included in the price of admission to Universal Studios Florida, along with a special ticket offer for U.S. and Canada residents that gives them five days of theme park access for the price of a 3-Day ticket.

Here’s an overview of what guests can experience at Florida’s biggest party:

Music legend Diana Ross,global superstar Khalid,Grammy-nominated DJ and producer Marshmello,and 12 other top artists will perform live on select nights during Universal’s Mardi Gras celebration. All concerts will take place at the Music Plaza stage – an electrifying outdoor venue inspired by the iconic Hollywood Bowl, set against the backdrop of the towering Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster.See below for the complete concert line-up.  

Plus, brass bands straight from Bourbon Street will perform daily throughout the park, bringing the soulful sounds of New Orleans to the heart of Universal Studios.

February 5Sugar Ray
February 12Diana Ross
February 19Barenaked Ladies
February 20Styx
February 26Jon Pardi
March 5LL COOL J feat. DJ Z-Trip
March 6Marshmello
March 12Lee Brice
March 13Becky G
March 18Khalid
March 19Seal
March 20Gavin DeGraw
March 25The Revivalists
March 26Jimmie Allen
March 27Jason Derulo

This year’s original parade theme, “Planet Mardi Gras, comes to life in six incredibly-detailed floats that fuse Mardi Gras flare with cosmic-inspired elements like comets, rockets, martians and more – inviting guests to catch beads by the handful. These new floats will join Universal’s traditional lineup of New Orleans-inspired floats – such as the iconic Jester and nearly 50-foot long King Gator – and wind through the streets of Universal Studios Florida on select dates, accompanied by high-energy music and dozens of performers donning illuminating costumes that bring the party to “light” in a whole new way. 

Universal’s award-winning chefs will spice up this year’s Mardi Gras celebration with an array of delicious culinary delicacies inspired by various locations around the globe. Guests can take their taste buds on an international culinary journey with dishes like the tasty Crawfish Boil and melt-in-your-mouth Beignets from New Orleans, Coconut Curry Shrimp Laksa (a sweet and spicy noodle soup) from Southeast Asia, Vegan Samosa with spicy green chutney from India, and Salchipapas (a popular street food made with sausage and potatoes) from Central America. The best way to experience these flavors and much more is with the specialty “Mardi Gras Food and Beverage” card, which will be available for purchase in park during the event.

Mardi Gras-inspired cuisine will also be featured at select Universal CityWalk venues during the run of the event, including Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen, Pat O’Brien’s and Voodoo Doughnut. Universal Orlando’s hotels are also joining the fun with special menu offerings at each resort, including New Orleans BBQ Shrimp & Dirty Rice at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort – Surfside Inn and Suites & Dockside Inn and Suites; Chicken, Andouille & Shrimp Jambalaya at Universal’s Aventura Hotel; King Cake Pancakes at Loews Royal Pacific Resort and Shrimp Po’ Boys at Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort.  

Guests can take home a piece of Florida’s Biggest Party at the Mardi Gras Tribute Store, returning this year with an all-new theme, Float Factory Warehouse. Upon entering, guests will venture through four highly themed roomsdesigned to visually depict the creative process of bringing a parade float to life. As guests browse the latest Mardi Gras gear and themed treats within the retail space, they’ll see everything from pencil sketches and scale models to parade décor and an actual, full-size Mardi Gras float.SPECIAL OFFER – BUY 3 DAYS, GET 2 DAYS FREE
All the excitement of Universal’s Mardi Gras is included with admission to Universal Studios Florida. Beginning today, U.S. and Canada residents who purchase a 3-Day ticket to visit either Universal Studios Florida or Universal’s Islands of Adventure get an additional TWO DAYS FREE – giving them five (5) days to enjoy epic theme park thrills and the non-stop fun of Universal’s Mardi Gras. Vacation packages including this epic ticket offer are also available starting as low as $89 per person, per night. This offer is available for purchase through May 5 and is valid for use until December 15 with no blockout dates. For more information and to take advantage of this incredible offer, click here.

Jackie Rosenbush from Washburn County crowned 2022 Wisconsin Fairest Of The Fairs

By | January 14, 2022

WEST ALLIS, Wisc. — Wisconsin State Fair Park officials are delighted to introduce the 2022 Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs, who was selected Wednesday evening at the annual Wisconsin Association of Fairs Convention in Wisconsin Dells. A group of 33 talented contestants vied for this coveted position, and Jackie Rosenbush, 20, representing the Washburn County Fair, took home the title. 

The Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs program was created 56 years ago to select an ambassador for the Wisconsin Association of Fairs, which represents 75 county, district, and state fairs in Wisconsin. 

Each year, the Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs travels throughout the state promoting the educational, agricultural, social, cultural, and commercial opportunities available at Wisconsin’s excellent fairs. It is a position of responsibility to the citizens of Wisconsin, and the winner must possess outstanding communication skills as well as organization, professionalism, and a passion for the fair industry. 

Rosenbush will serve a one-year term, and her responsibilities include appearances at fairs and events throughout the state, working with media, and promoting the importance of Wisconsin’s fair and agriculture industries.

In addition, she will serve as an ambassador of the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair, presented by UScellular, which will take place August 4 – 14 in West Allis. This includes greeting Fairgoers and special guests, performing as the master of ceremonies for several events, participating in various contests, and representing the State Fair during select media appearances.

The daughter of Dan and Susie Olson-Rosenbush of Sarona, Wis., Rosenbush currently studies Agricultural Education at the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. Her weekends are spent at her family farm assisting with various activities like bailing hay, breeding sheep, and more. Rosenbush has been involved with FFA since 2015 and even held a state officer title from 2020-2021. As a member of 4-H and FFA, she participated in many projects from showing sheep to cake decorating, photography, and more.

“We are thrilled to welcome Jackie as part of the Wisconsin State Fair family,” said Shari Black, Interim CEO of Wisconsin State Fair Park. “Jackie exemplifies a deep passion for agriculture education and the fair industry, with a heart for community service. A special congratulations goes to Jackie and all of the talented contestants who vied for the role this year.”

Lydia Luebke, 22, representing the Manitowoc County Fair, was named first runner-up. She is the daughter of Allan and the late Karen Luebke of Kiel, Wis. and earned her degree in Dairy Science with a minor in Agricultural Business from the University of Wisconsin–River Falls. Her ambition is for every school in Manitowoc County to have agricultural education in their curriculum.

Courtney Moser, 23, representing the Vernon County Fair, was named second runner-up. She is the daughter of Cary and Joy Moser of Westby, Wis. and attended Wartburg College, earning a degree in Journalism and Communications. She was involved with the Seas Branch Smithies 4-H Club for many years. 

Hannah Roehrig, 21, representing the Calumet County Fair, was named third runner-up and awarded the Tim Heffernon Congeniality Award. She is the daughter of Todd and Stacie Roehrig of Brillion, Wis. and is pursuing a degree in Human Social Services with a minor in Art and Communications from Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Jaynie Rule, 23, representing the Iowa County Fair, was named fourth runner-up. She is the daughter of Randy and Tammy Rule of Dodgeville, Wis. and attended the University of Wisconsin–Platteville earning degrees in Dairy Science and Public Relations.

Rosenbush was selected from a field of exceptionally talented young women, and replaces the 2020/2021 Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs, Cayley Vande Berg from the Fond du Lac County Fair. The Fairest of the Fairs is chosen by a panel of three judges representing the fair, marketing, and hospitality industries. This year’s judges were Jennifer Dunn, CVFM, Kim Berens, and Stacie Christel.  

Dunn holds the position of Co-Vice President of the Linn County Fair in Iowa. She recently received the 2021 IAFE Rising Star Award from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions. While not volunteering for the Linn County Fair, she is a top female soccer official in the state of Iowa and visits over 20 fairs each year with her husband and two children.

Berens has over 35 years of experience in professional sales and marketing, and currently holds the position of Marketing Manager for IncredibleBank. Berens is an avid volunteer in the community dedicating her time to organizations like myTEAM TRIUMPH, The Neighbors’ Place, and ATTIC Correctional Services. 

Originally from Manitowoc, Christel is a more than 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry. Since 2010, she has held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing at Aloft Green Bay. Christel is active in many community organizations such as the Ashwaubenon Business Association Board of Directors and the Green Bay Area Lodging Association Board of Directors. In her free time, Christel and her husband enjoy exploring Wisconsin State Parks and attending Brewers games. 

Individuals interested in competing in future Wisconsin Fairest of the Fairs contests may contact their county or district fair board for more information or visit WiFairs.com.

Dollywood announces hiring events for 2022 season

By | January 13, 2022

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. — Dollywood Parks & Resorts is gearing up for an exciting 2022 season by hosting a number of hiring events over the coming weeks. Competitive wages, several exciting new perks—including free lunch for all employees—and more add to the reasons why The Dollywood Company is the perfect fit for anyone regardless of their career aspirations due to the varied positions available.

From part-time positions for students to full-time careers with ample chances for advancement and everything in between, working at Dollywood may very well become a lifetime home for those looking for something that provides a little bit more than the “regular” job.  Positions are available at each of the company’s properties, with most event attendees being hired on the spot with a position for the 2022 season at either Dollywood, Dollywood’s Splash Country or Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa. 

Available positions are posted at Dollywoodjobs.com, with more being posted as the season nears. The first major hiring event of 2022 takes place Saturday, Jan. 29 at Sevier County High School from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Additional hiring events take place at Jefferson County High School (Saturday, Feb. 5), Seymour Heights Christian Church (Saturday, Feb. 19), and Sevier County High School (Saturday, Feb. 26).  All hiring events take place from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Applicants are encouraged to attend the earliest hiring event possible for the largest selection of available opportunities.

Positions are available for the entire length of the 2022 operating season, as well as shorter peak season openings, which are perfect for applicants looking for a fun summer position or for those looking to earn a little extra money during the Christmas holidays. Applicants must be 14 years of age or older. 

Positions are available on several teams including Dollywood’s award-winning culinary and merchandise teams, as well as park operations positions including ticketing, transportation, house and grounds, and more. Among the openings at Dollywood’s Splash Country are house and grounds, lifeguards and culinary services positions. Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa also has a number of openings available including food and beverage, front desk, bell/valet, and housekeeping positions.

Interested applicants may view opportunities, as well as job descriptions and basic requirements for each position, at dollywoodjobs.com. Applicants can signify their interest in a position by following the online instructions to complete the application process. Technical support will be available on-site at the hiring events to assist applicants.

Dollywood Parks & Resorts plans to host a number of hiring events throughout the season to give potential employees an opportunity to attend at the time that best suits their individual needs. Additionally, new job opportunities are posted throughout the year at dollywoodjobs.com.

Dollywood Parks & Resorts employees receive a variety of unique benefits including access to the Dollywood Family Healthcare Center, along with complimentary Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country admission for family and friends. Employees also take part in Dollywood’s Park Perks program which provides free or reduced admission to a large number of regional attractions, theaters and experiences. A comprehensive benefits package, including medical, dental and vision, is available for qualified full-time employees. Dollywood also pays a portion of childcare costs for hosts whose children are cared for at a WeeCare-affiliated provider. Numerous development opportunities also are available to help employees develop leadership skills, including an apprenticeship program in conjunction with Walters State Community College. New this season, employees can enjoy free lunch every working day.

In 2021, Forbes named The Dollywood Company as one of the best employers in the country, according to a ranking on their website. Dollywood was represented well among the 500 companies on Forbes’ list of the best midsize employers. The list includes companies across 25 industry sectors, with only 20 companies on the list in the “Travel & Leisure” category of which Dollywood was included. Among those companies, Dollywood ranked sixth and was the only theme park on the midsize list. To view the entire list, visit https://www.forbes.com/lists/best-midsize-employers/