SeaWorld Orlando celebrates World Oceans Day and the one-year anniversary of SeaWorld Coral Rescue Center with a free gift for park guests while supplies

By | June 7, 2024

SeaWorld Orlando is excited to celebrate World Oceans Day and the one-year anniversary of the SeaWorld Coral Rescue Center, one of the largest public-facing facilities dedicated to coral conservation in the United States. To honor this special occasion, SeaWorld is offering a free reusable, wheat-based utensil set to the first 1,000 guests who visit The Shoppes at Waterfront on June 8, starting at park open, while supplies last.

This initiative aligns with SeaWorld’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship and conservation. The reusable utensil set is the latest effort in combating single-use plastic pollution, joining SeaWorld’s history of pioneering environmental practices. SeaWorld was one of the first theme parks in the U.S. to eliminate single-use plastic bags and straws to help keep oceans free of plastic, and in 2023, the parks launched biodegradable cutlery across its locations nationwide.

The SeaWorld Coral Rescue Center has welcomed a record number of visitors since its opening on June 9, 2023, providing them with a unique opportunity to observe and interact with coral biologists as they perform daily husbandry for “at risk” Florida corals. The center allows guests to view living corals up close, learn about conservation efforts, and understand the steps everyone can take to improve ocean health. Housing hundreds of living coral colonies and 15 different species, many of which are listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the center is a testament to SeaWorld’s dedication to coral conservation.