IRM announces another finacial partner, new rides

By | February 12, 2024

IRM has added many new rides including another Enterprise, a portable Yo-Yo, and several more flats. This Enterprise is a beast. Schwarzkopf-built, and upgraded by Premier Rides in 2002 and again in house in 2023. 

The company has a NEW Daniel Wood Land sawmill themed shooting gallery still in the containers. Inquire within.

IRM’s listed TrioTech XD Theater is now REDUCED to $60,000.

IRM is liquidating Coney Island Ohio. It’s sad to see the waterpark close, but operators are encouraged to take advantage of the big ticket items. Monster family slide complex, play structure with 70+ stunts and tallest geyser in the world (so they say), an in-pool steel slide, two inflatable ninja-style obstacle courses, and more items. IRM is listing as the park sends, but those who buy a big ticket item will have first shot of lounge chairs, tubes, and other sundry items. Also, if operators have a large pool, IRM hopes to be able to salvage the circulation and heating system from this giant 3 acre pool. 

In addition, Joyland still has pavilions, shade structures, maintenance items, foodservice equipment, and other items available including the balloon dart game available! Don’t get left out. The company wishes to thank Cliff’s and Bartlesville for shopping for more needed items. 

IRM has also added a second lender — LEAF’s Jesse Sorenson — to help move equipment faster. Online applications can be done for loans up to $150,000. Loans from $150,000-$500,000 are available with more details. Payment plans can be tailored around an attraction’s operating season and payments condensed into 3-4 summertime payments if needed.