Vertical Dark Ride from RES wins 2023 Brass Ring Award at IAAPA Expo

By | November 17, 2023

ORLANDO — During IAAPA Expo 2023, Ride Engineers Switzerland (RES) was awarded the 2023 Brass Ring Exhibitor Award: Best New Product > Category 2: Family Ride / Attraction for its Vertical Dark Ride installation at Conny-Land Switzerland.

This is only the latest of numerous awards earned by the attraction — dubbed “The Crazy Professor” — since its April 2023 opening!

The attraction took First Place by the prestigious European Star Award 2023 from Kirmes & Park Review for “EUROPE’S BEST NEW ATTRACTIONS.’ The company was also awarded First Place by Parkscout/plus Award 2023 for “EUROPE’S BEST NEW ATTRACTIONS IN 2023” — often considered the “people’s choice award” as it is selected by theme park fans — for the Vertical Dark Ride installation at Conny-Land. Furthermore, The Crazy Professor was nominated for the Park Excellence Award 2023 for Best Dark Ride with Media.

The Crazy Professor tells the story of a mad scientist that succeeds in defying gravity, kind of. Conny-Land built a beautiful building to house the 20-meter (66-foot) drop tower and is paired with a large multimedia screen installed over different levels of the tower. As the story unfolds, guests are thrilled with multiple unexpected freefalls and special effects. Since the ride’s opening, Conny-Land social media has been flooded with positive feedback.

The ride utilizes RES’s Vertical Dark Ride concept. The Vertical Dark Ride offers additional freefalls per ride cycle, by moving up and down various times. A fantastic option for multiple indoor storytelling at different levels. Depending on the story, the ride can even start with a freefall.

RES has a variety of tower rides that range from 50 passenger observation towers as tall at 75 meters (246 feet) and tipping towers that move back and forth as well as side to side while rotating 360 degrees.

RES’ newest generation of drop towers deliver unexpected freefalls without sensing any warning in advance of the drop, leaving riders surprised and thrilled. Multi drop towers offer additional freefalls per ride cycle by moving up and down the vertical track various times.

RES is an award-winning global leader in design, manufacture, and installation of amusement and water rides and are showcasing the company’s newest ride concepts at booth #4508 at the IAAPA Expo 2023.