Intamin unveils Falcon’s Flight lead car, record-breaking ride details

By | November 17, 2023

ORLANDO — During IAAPA Expo 2023, Intamin unveiled the lead car for what it’s calling “the roller coaster evolution of the century:” Falcon’s Flight.

To be located at Six Flags Qiddiya, close to Riyadh, Falcon’s Flight will use the natural landscape of the desert and an approximately 600-foot-high natural cliff wall. The riders will board the train, which is properly dimensioned to experience the coaster forces and the climate (ambient conditions) of the desert.

Once completed, the ride will not only be the tallest, but also the fastest and longest roller coaster in the world.

The front car is sculpted as a falcon’s head and has seating for two passengers.

The remaining cars have a four-passenger configuration and an open design to enhance the guests’ experience in speed and sense of flying over the cliff edge and the entire park.

Talking about the layout
The more than 13,000 feet of steel track will cross the Six Flags Qiddiya park towards the more than 600-foot-high cliff wall. The ride launches with a speed of approximately 100 mph to the top of the cliff. From here it finally drops vertically down, reaching a top speed of 156mph with the support of a magnetic launch system featuring Linear synchronous motors (LSM).

Falcon’s Flight will feature three launches, each faster than its predecessor. More than 700 LSM modules with water cooling will be used to accelerate the trains. For comparison, the total number of motors is six times the number used for the Velocicoaster at Islands of Adventure.

The ride will feature six trains simultaneously in operation which will guarantee a high per hour capacity for guests to enjoy the ride of a lifetime. Each train features four cars allowing for 14 guests to experience the ride at a time.

The Falcon’s Flight trains feature next generation LSM vehicles are fully machined chassis, with no welds. They also include a curved windshield which allows the passengers to enjoy the ride without goggles. All of the train chassis are equipped with extra-large running wheels, and custom designed rims for enhanced cooling due to speed and high ambient temperatures. Nighttime rides will be even more spectacular with each train featuring 35 light modules that individually controllable.

Falcon’s Flights technical features exceed any characteristics realized so far in the coaster world. With a 640 foot height difference, it will be nearly 200 feet higher than Kingda Ka, the current record holder for tallest coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. At a speed of 156mph, it will be seven miles-per-hour faster than Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. And, with 13,123 feet of track, it is nearly 1.5 times longer than Steel Dragon 2000 at Nagashima Spaland in Japan, currently the longest roller coaster in the world.

The Intamin team — IAAPA Expo 2023 booth ##3825 — is very proud to be part of the journey to bring Falcon’s Fury into reality.