FlowRider and Hydrostadium announce partnership unveiling plans for FlowSurf

By | September 15, 2023

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — FlowRider Inc., a preeminent name in the stationary wave category, and Hydrostadium, subsidiary of French energy conglomerate, EDF, are proudly announcing a licensing agreement surrounding Hydrostadium’s patented “river wave” technology. The culmination of this deal was months in the making and pairs together a multi-billion dollar company with expertise in hydrodynamics with FlowRider, the decades-long leader in delivering stationary wave attractions to the world.

“We are beyond stoked” says Marshall Myrman, leader of the FlowRider team. “To have a company of this caliber reach out to us because of our reputation, is a massive compliment, and we are genuinely humbled by the opportunity. When we saw Hydrostadium’s novel solutions that dramatically reduce power consumption and water volume to industry lows, we knew the partnership was a no-brainer and we had to switch gears immediately. Pairing together the best aspects from our original FlowSurf designs with Hydrostadium’s massive achievements, we’ve truly found the best approach to “moving water” in the industry. Our collaboration is already in full swing, and we can’t wait to see where it takes us.”

The agreement covers all three versions of Hydrostadium’s existing technology including Wavestadium, Wavedock, and Wavestream. All three of these existing products can currently be surfed in venues across Eastern France in Lyon, Tencin, and Epinal respectively. Although the products already boast impressive benefits like surface smoothness and energy efficiency, both companies will leverage their collective engineering prowess to continually advance the surf experience and system performance.

Moving forward under the terms of the agreement, all products will be branded ‘FlowSurf’, yet another innovation within FlowRider’s diverse product portfolio.

Stanislas Lequiller, CEO of Hydrostadium, comments: “We are proud to announce this licensing agreement with FlowRider, the world’s leading player in surf waves. For several years now, Hydrostadium has been investing in and developing a technology that is efficient and consistent in terms of energy consumption, and which enables a surfing experience that is now recognized worldwide. By teaming up with FlowRider, we’ll be able to promote this technology and know-how, while continuing to innovate and continually perfect the technology”.

With 200+ sheet wave installations worldwide, FlowRider has fueled the global surf craze for decades by creating a complimentary surf experience that is accessible for both consumers as well as venue owners and operators. As natural progression within its product line, FlowSurf will continue to build on the company’s legacy of bringing the joy of riding a wave to anywhere in the world, but now with real surfboards.

“As aspirations for surfing are at an all-time high across the planet, there’s no better time to kickstart a partnership as monumental as this. With our longstanding history of bringing surf attractions to nearly any venue type, we’re thrilled to add a new surf experience to our quiver that helps developers capitalize on the untapped demand for surfing that continues to grow. Plus, as a San Diego-based company rooted in the surf culture, and Hydrostadium’s passion for aquatic/board sports, the companies match up well in lifestyle DNA” states Andrew Yathon, VP Business Development at FlowRider, Inc.

Coming off the heels of this agreement, FlowRider is announcing 4 new FlowSurf projects coming across North America and the Middle East. These entertainment venues will showcase FlowSurf’s state-of-the- art technology as anchors to their masterplans. Stay tuned as more details on these specific projects are released within the coming months.