Ultimate 412 Day surprise: Kennywood & Primanti Bros. announce partnership

By | April 13, 2023

In the ultimate 412 Day celebration, Kennywood announces a partnership with Primanti Bros. tocreate the ultimate fan and guest experience with its first-ever theme park-based location. In celebration of Kennywood’s 125th and Primanti Bros. 90th birthday, it’s the perfect marriage of two iconic Pittsburgh brands.

The new restaurant will be located in Lost Kennywood and feature the almost-famous Primanti Bros. sandwiches, featuring house-made coleslaw, fresh-cut fries, Italian bread, and your meat of choice.

“I’ve been going to Kennywood and Primanti Bros. for more than 40 years – just like many Pittsburghers,” said Adam Golomb, CEO of Primanti Bros. “So, finalizing this partnership to open Primanti Bros. inside Kennywood has us very excited. And to be able to announce on 412 Day – it’s about as big a yinzsplosion as we can handle. We’ll see you this spring inside the park.”

“As a staple in the Pittsburgh community, we are thrilled to bring another beloved Pittsburgh brand to Kennywood this season as we both celebrate milestone years,” said Mark Pauls, Kennywood General Manager. “There’s no better present for our guests on this 412 Day than to announce this iconic partnership.”

Primanti Bros. Restaurant is expected to open in the park later this spring. Kennywood will open for its 125th season on Saturday, April 22.