Omni Arena celebrates 4 years at Pinballz

By | April 19, 2023

AUSTIN, Texas — Virtuix, creator of the “Omni Arena” virtual reality esports attraction, announced that their very first Omni Arena attraction, installed at Pinballz in Austin, TX, recently celebrated its four-year anniversary. Four years after installation, the attraction still regularly generates revenues of $10,000 a month or more.

“Omni Arena has been a top attraction for us,” said Darren Spohn, Pinballz’s owner. “Even after four years, revenues are still strong, and we still see lots of repeat play. Some of our guests come to Pinballz regularly to play in the monthly Omni Arena contests, which is a nice benefit.”

Virtuix credits Omni Arena’s staying power to its repeat play rate. At Pinballz, 30% of all plays are by repeat players, meaning customers who’ve played the attraction at least twice. Ten players have already played Omni Arena over 50 times, paying $15 each time.

One such player is Mitchell Collins, who formed the “OkayestVR” esports team with three friends to compete in Omni Arena’s weekly and monthly prize contests. His team has played Omni Arena more than 200 times.

“What I really like about the Omni is the ability to run,” said Collins. “That’s what sets it apart. Last week I brought an office coworker during lunch. He had a blast!”

Omni Arena is a full-body virtual reality attraction for up to four players. Omni-directional treadmills inside the attraction enable players to walk and run around inside video games. Guests can compete for top spots on leaderboards and win a share of a $100,000 esports prize pool sponsored by Virtuix. To date, Virtuix has paid out over $300,000 in esports prize money to the winners of Omni Arena’s built-in esports competitions.