Liseberg receives prestigious Industry Oscar for Underlandet

By | April 18, 2023

At an awards ceremony on Saturday in Los Angeles, Swedish amusement park Liseberg received a THEA Award for the attraction Underlandet. The dark ride, which opened in 2021, won the award for best project in its category. This is only the second time in 25 years that Liseberg has received the award.

Liseberg won a “THEA Award for Outstanding Achievement on a Limited Budget” (under $10 million USD) for Underlandet. The award was given with the following motivation:

“With its rich scenic environments, wonderfully immersive queue, lovable fuzzy animatronics, and highly infectious soundtrack, the Underlandet creates a magical world that the youngest of Liseberg’s guests will remember for generations to come. The attractions visual density and charming character make it an attraction that guests must re-ride multiple times to capture all of its charming moments. In a world overrun with highly marketable characters and IP’s, the Liseberg team boldly chose to elevate its’ own existing park IP creating a truly brand-building children’s attraction and extending the Green Rabbits’ storyline and strengthening their connection to its guests.”

“We are grateful and proud of the award, which is a recognition of the extensive and complex work that formed the basis for Underlandet,” says Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.

THEA Awards are given out by TEA, an international organization that represents the world’s leading creators, developers, designers, and producers of places and experiences.

“We haven’t built an indoor attraction like this in over 50 years, and we’re proud to have created an attraction that holds such high international standards,” continues Andreas Andersen.

Liseberg last received a THEA Award in 1998 for The Ghost Hotel Gasten. Other recipients of Thea Award 2022 include Disneyland (CA) and Walt Disney World (FL), Universal Studios (CH), and Futuroscope (FR).