MSC Cruises launches newest flagship MSC Seascape at a dazzling ceremony in New York City

By | December 7, 2022

NEW YORK CITY — Last evening MSC Cruises — the world’s third largest and fastest growing cruise brand — welcomed MSC Seascape to its fleet of innovative and glamourous ships. The ship’s naming ceremony took place at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal in New York City in recognition of New York becoming the line’s newest U.S. homeport in April 2023, ushering in an even wider variety of North American itineraries for guests from the U.S. and around the world.

The new U.S. flagship is packed with high-tech fun including ROBOTRON, the cruise industry’s first-ever interactive thrill ride. ROBOTRON combines the breathtaking rush of a roller coaster with personalized music and lighting. The ship also features two new VR experiences and new high-tech entertainment for all ages.

Rubén A. Rodríguez, President, MSC Cruises USA, said: “Our latest flagship will serve as a great representation for all that we stand for at MSC Cruises, including sustainability, ground-breaking technology and modern design combined with an immersive and enriching guest experience delivered with European flair. Our guests will enjoy all of these wonderful amenities when she begins her sailings from Miami after the naming ceremony.”


  • Riders select their desired thrill level – a first among robotic arm rides
  • Riders select their music preference and colored light display   
  • Rhythm and bass are visualized as colourful patterns and pulses of light on giant, adjacent video screen
  • The robotic arm has an attached gondola that seats three – flying them nearly 175 feet above the sea

Leading manufacturers and suppliers from the global attractions industry partnered with MSC Cruises to bring ROBOTRON to the MSC Seascape, in this first and only of its kind experience.

  • With the development of Robotron for MSC Seascape, JRA , part of RWS Entertainment Group, is leveraging technology to expand the experience of attractions from day to night as well as creating guest experiences that are unique and customizable with each ride
  • Riders utilize a pre-ride touchscreen to select what they want to hear as they fly through the air on ROBOTRON. All tracks were exclusively hand-picked by JRA to create a menu of popular music options that enhance the full visual, audio and physical experience of ROBOTRON, while al providing one-of-a-kind rides guests can adjust with each re-ride. The Volume 1 mix, features more than 20 popular songs, including 5 bonus “hidden” tracks. 
  • German robotic manufacturer, KUKA, built the robotic arm for ROBOTRON
  • Robotron is the latest example from RWS Entertainment Group and its subsidiaries in helping to redefine the modern cruise ship experience through the intersection of technology and entertainment, elevating the travel experience in innovative, refreshing ways.