Dutch Theme Park Efteling presents new sustainability goals during anniversary year

By | October 26, 2022

Efteling, theme park in the South of Holland, has announced plans to achieve climate neutrality by 2030 and aims to be climate positive by 2032. To preserve and continue to pass on Efteling to future generations, the park’s goal is to remove more greenhouse gases from the atmosphere than it emits by 2032. The theme park recently installed a carport system with 12,000 solar panels, one of the initiatives having a positive impact on the climate, stemming from the park’s sustainability philosophy.

Sustainable enchantment
Efteling CEO Fons Jurgens: “Sustainability has been part of our DNA since the establishment of the Efteling Nature Park Foundation in 1950. Following in these footsteps, we have taken several steps, large and small, to benefit the environment. We have replaced unsustainable lighting with LED lights across the main entrance building and some of the larger attractions and purchased various electrical vehicles and electric leaf blowers. The creation of the carport system with solar panels is our biggest step so far in terms of sustainability, and we are far from finished! This will soon generate more than 20 per cent of our annual energy consumption ourselves. This amounts to about 4,755,000 kWh, which is comparable to the average electricity consumption of about 1,750 households. And that’s not all: by 2023, the buildings in the Anderrijk attraction area are scheduled to become completely gas-free by means of a new thermal storage system.”

Efteling Nature Park Foundation
The Efteling Nature Park Foundation opened the Fairytale Forest in 1952. This foundation is still the sole shareholder of Efteling. It had a sustainable but also social vision: to offer relaxation to its residents. This goal has remained unchanged over the years. Over the next few years, the natural basis of the park will play an even more important role within the Efteling experience. This also fits within the organisation’s vision to score 9+ from visitors who experience Efteling’s natural and enchanting surroundings and thereby escape from their hectic everyday lives. Jurgens: “This year, Efteling celebrates its 70th anniversary and we want to be able to offer another seventy years of enchantment, and beyond. It is therefore important that we take our sustainability seriously, ensuring that Efteling is still here in seventy years’ time, and we can pass on our beautiful park to future generations.”