IAAPA Expo Europe: Mobaro to showcase why their unique digital workflows between maintenance and operations are preferred by so many attractions globally

By | August 18, 2022

When the CMMS and ride operations solution providers from Mobaro visit this year’s expos, their audience should expect an abundance of valuable changes that makes the offering even more appealing to visitor attractions. At the same time, the return of the company’s famed Mobeero is set to spark a great mood at booth #2218 at IAAPA Europe.

Having won the hearts of maintenance managers and engineers throughout the years, Mobaro concluded a milestone in their overall development plan last year. The software company could unveil their ride operations app that connects the ride operators with the CMMS.

  • This last year, we have experienced a truly uplifting reception of both our ride operations application and the competency module. At the same time, we have worked tirelessly with clients to refine and develop features to build an even stronger system for them to handle their attraction safety, maintenance, and operations, says Henrik Have, CEO at Mobaro.

Since the beginning, digitizing safety and maintenance routines has been the main priority, and clients enjoy the efficiency and high-quality processes yielded by the system. And with the CMMS solidly integrated in the daily operations at the client attractions, the planned next step was to include another very important domain, Ride Operations:

  • Our promise to the industry is a digital environment where you can integrate workflows, increase transparency, remove time-consuming processes, and build better connections across teams. Attractions need to work holistically to ensure the highest level of safety and quality. That’s why RideOps came as a natural next step, and now we can present the continuation of that work, which is e.g., a stronger connection between maintenance and operations, says Henrik Have.  

Ride performance and training
From the outset, RideOps delivers a means of recording and monitoring the performance side of the ride operations. This equips the attraction with overview and transparency from queue time, and ride cycle count, to capacity utilization, and other vital metrics.

Furthermore, with the Competency Module launched earlier this year, Mobaro now also facilitates dynamic training, certification, and access control to e.g. rides. In effect, only operators with training for the specific ride can log in to RideOps.

Digital handover and in-app statistics
One of the most crucial steps in ensuring safe operations is the handover from maintenance to ride operators, which must be done through a well-planned and documented process. Already, preopening maintenance and safety inspection decide the ride readiness state in RideOps. This way, it is clear to the operator whether the ride is safe to operate. And with the most recent additions to the platform, users will have access to new and bespoke tools for ensuring safe and controlled processes.

Newly added features include:

  • Operator checklists: Now the ride operator will be prompted to perform a pre-opening check that has been set up and distributed by e.g. a maintenance manager
  • Ride notes: During their shift, operators can register observations related to the ride and create automated assignments that will be delegated to a predefined department.
  • Shift timer: To keep track of how long an individual operator has been handling a specific ride. 
  • In-app statistics: To give an operator an idea of how they are doing, a new performance statistics module is available.           
  • Auditable Ride log: With the addition of the ride log in Mobaro, you will be able to get a centralised overview of all entries in a ride’s operations, including who was operating, when it was opened/closed, number of dispatches and how many riders per dispatch.

On top of those specific ride operations features, the Mobaro API has now been furnished with support for several new ways of integrating with system.

And with the new Single Sign On option, handling centralized onboarding and offboarding of users can be done efficiently and securely through 3rd party systems.

Return of the Mobeero
The list of new features is long, and Mobaro will be demoing the different tools in their software at booth #2218 where the expo audience are encouraged to stop by for a chat and a popular refreshment:

  • We had a blast in Paris 2019 where we offered our signature beer, and our guests loved it. So, we are very pleased to be able to bring back the Mobeero once again to London and talk about the needs of attractions for managing safety, maintenance, and operations, says Henrik Have. 

He and the team deliver the go-to-tool for more than 150 visitor attractions like theme parks, water parks, zoos and FECs worldwide, including major European parks like Liseberg, Tivoli Gardens, PortAventura, and Efteling.