IRM finds new home for dark ride

By | November 18, 2021

IRM is proud to announce the sale of a custom designed dark ride. The ride features a ride system built in the United States by Ohio based Majestic Rides. Formerly known as Escape From Dinosaur Beach on the New Jersey Boardwalk, the ride has been in storage since 1998 ready for a new home. Today that day has finally arrived.

Santa’s Village Azoosement Park in East Dundee, Illinois has purchased the ride and has plans to install and open a new version of the ride for the 2022 operating season. Santa’s Village will provide a new theme for the attraction and will receive technical support from IRM as well as general assistance from Majestic Rides who will help with the new layout ensuring a high-quality ride experience will be enjoyed by park guests.

This announcement follows in line with the strong year IRM has experienced. With over ten used rides sales this calendar year, IRM is also providing Santa’s Village with a classic Hampton children’s ride for future installation.

IRM prides itself on helping parks and facilities of all sizes, especially those that are independently owned. Regardless of the size or scope of a project, buyers and sellers can trust IRM with putting their interests first. “At IRM we will always remain committed to providing reliable rides, equipment and services at the best possible prices and intend to leave parks and facilities a better place,” said IRM President Sam Shurgott.