Emerson Fittipadi at Gardaland with his family

By | June 27, 2018

Accompanied by his family, the driver decided to try out the most adrenaline-filled rides of the Park, like Raptor and Shaman but also Mammut, Kung Fu Panda Master, Colorado Boat, Fuga da Atlantide (Escape from Atlantis)… and Peppa Pig Land, the new addition of 2018.

It was also an opportunity for Fittipaldi to comment on his recent experience driving an electric car in Formula E and the importance of this formula for the automotive industry of the future: “It was a great pleasure to guide a Formula E in the street circuit of Zurich! There is no electronics in electric cars, I drove it like I did back in the days: there is only the mechanic vehicle and the driver. The electric formula is the formula of the present and the future, because pollution is a problem of great concern in big cities. I am certain that, thanks to the big brands involved, the development of Formula E will also serve the development of electric cars for daily use.”

But Emerson Fittipaldi also spent a few words describing the characteristics that a great driver must possess: “To become a champion, a driver must be very consistent throughout the championship. He must possess good reflexes, coordination and the ability to work under pressure and to work harmonically on his mind, his body and spirit to achieve results.  Team spirit, however, is equally important because teamwork is fundamental A good driver needs to understand what kind of work lies behind a single race, keeping a good relationship with mechanics and engineers.”

This visit to Gardaland was also an occasion to provide “fresh” commentary on the French Grand Prix that took place on Sunday: “It was a very nervous Grand Prix, from the very first laps. Vettel was too aggressive to overtake Bottas and then he got nervous. You can’t win a Grand Prix at the first turn but you can lose one at the first turn.”

And in general on the current Formula 1 championship: “Technically Ferrari have more chances of winning, in the last three/four Grand Prix Mercedes understood that Ferrari have improved; Toto Wolff was very nervous as he was surprised by Ferrari’s performance.”