Big news 2019 in Djurs Sommerland

By | June 26, 2018

• Djurs Sommerland will be investing more than EUR 5 million in a big new ride in 2019 – a thrill ride, that will be ready when the park opens in May, for the 2019 season.

• The new ride is called Tigeren, and will be part of the new theme area Wild Asia together with DrageKongen – Europe’s fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster from 2017 and this years 2 new rides for all the family – Jungle Rally og Safaribussen.

• Tigeren is Denmark’s biggest – and one of Europe’s highest Gyro Swings – and the tallest and fastest attraction in Djurs Sommerland.

Facts about Tigeren

• Rotating gondola swings 45 metres up in the air.

• Maximum speed: 100 km/hour.

• G-force: More than 4,5 G.

• A feeling of weightlessness

• Expected height restrictions: Min. 125 cm.

• Capacity per ride: 40 persons

• Capacity per hour: Approx. 900 persons.

• Duration of ride: Approx. 2 minutes

• The manufacturer is Intamin AG, Liechtenstein – – who has also supplied Denmark’s biggest roller coaster, Piraten (2008), Denmark’s longest roller coaster, Juvelen (2013) and Europe’s fastest and longest Family Suspended Coaster, DrageKongen (2017) to Djurs Sommerland.

• The international company, Leisure Expert Group – – who has participated in the concept development of Bondegårdsland (2015), Søulken (2016), Pirate’s Food Market (2017), Wild Asia with DrageKongen (2017) as well as Jungle Rally and Safaribussen (2018), is also working on the 2019 news.

• Tigeren will be the 30th new ride since Djurs Sommerland build Denmark’s biggest roller coaster Piraten in 2008. Since 2008 Djurs Sommerland has invested more than EUR 68 million in new rides and improvements in the park and the visitor number has increased from 487.000 guests in 2007 to a visitor record in 2017 with 808.000 guests.