Worlds of Fun confirms Dinosaurs Alive! for 2013

By | November 19, 2012

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A huge predator has been spotted near Worlds of Fun’s iconic balloon, aiming to make the park’s entrance extinct. This massive creature, identified as a Tyrannosaurus rex, has appeared in the city as part of Dinosaurs Alive!, a multi-sensory interactive dinosaur park coming to Worlds of Fun next spring.

The addition features over 35 life-size dinosaurs in a spectacular outdoor setting and allows visitors to
learn when and where these prehistoric creatures lived, how they protected themselves, and how they adapted to their prehistoric world between 65 and 245 million years ago. Along a winding 1,900-foot-path tucked in a two-acre forested setting, six main scenes and seven unique themes tell stories based on real fossil evidence. Guests will have the opportunity to stand under and around various dinosaurs, comparing not only the immense size but how they interacted with each other.

The highlight of Dinosaurs Alive! is the world’s largest animatronic dinosaur, the Ruyanogosaurus,
standing at nearly 40 feet tall and 72 feet long. Other featured creatures include the Tyrannosaurus rex stalking a Triceratops, iconic Stegosaurus, and the long-necked Brontomerus, a species named in 2011 and unique to Worlds of Fun.

“Dinosaurs Alive! brings science and technology together to entertain and also educate our guests”, said Frank Wilburn, vice president and general manager at Worlds of Fun. “With the lifelike sights, sounds, and movements of these animals, we can’t wait for our guests to step back in time and study these prehistoric creatures up close.”

The exhibit, located near the Boomerang roller coaster, will have informational signs and select
dinosaurs will have interactive consoles, allowing guests to guide the animal’s movements. Guests will also encounter a paleontological dig site with fossils just for kids, and a dinosaur themed gift shop. Special education guides and youth programs will accompany the exhibit, and tickets can be purchased in advance online at or at the park. A separate $5.00 admission ticket is required to experience the attraction.