S&S Worldwide, Sansei Yusoki Co. join forces

By | November 19, 2012

Utah-based thrill ride manufacturers, S&S Worldwide, Inc., has entered into a binding agreement with Sansei Yusoki Co., Ltd., of Osaka, Japan, whereby Sansei will invest in S&S.

It is expected that the transaction will lead to a stronger alliance between roller coaster and amusement rides manufacturers, Sansei and S&S.

Rich Allen, president and CEO of S&S said, “The financial strength of Sansei, coupled with their strong engineering and manufacturing focus, will be a tremendous complement to S&S’s patented portfolio and strong sales success all around the world.”

Jeff Koffman, chairman of the board of S&S Worldwide, said, “It has been a pleasure getting to know the Sansei team, led by Makoto Nakagawa. I am excited about his vision for the future. Both companies are convinced that, with the strength of the combined entities, S&S will gain further marketshare in the roller coaster and high-end segment in the amusement industry.”

Both Allen and Koffman will remain in their roles after the transaction, as will Kevin Rohwer, vice president of sales and marketing for S&S.