The Embed difference strikes Bowl Expo 2024

By | July 3, 2024

DALLAS, Texas — Embed, the ultimate cloud-based, cashless solutions provider for the amusement, entertainment, and leisure industries showcased its reliability and innovation through its solutions at the International Bowl Expo in Denver, Colorado from July 1-2.

Known for its tech partnership with Apple, Google, and Amazon Web Services, the solutions provider exhibited its system’s reliability at the show – from its solutions to its customer support and even to its payment processing gateway solutions:

“We are always on the lookout at what stunts our customers’ potential for transformational growth and expansion – and one of them is losses from credit card processing fees or merchant fees from their payment providers,” says Jeremy Dickamore, Payment Gateway Guru at Embed. “That’s why we offer free consultations by experts to help operators cut their losses and see the savings they can get from simply switching to another provider.”

Embed is raising awareness of the costs (which is loss of revenue) from paying published rates instead of effective rates (inclusive of different, fluctuating fees). CMO and Growth Officer Sara Paz explains, “We are challenging our partners and operators to stop and think twice about their payment provider. This means it’s business as usual even when the internet is down thanks to manual transaction processing; it’s security from fraudulent transactions and chargebacks with 3D Secure 2.2; it’s pricing transparency for effective budgeting; it’s saving money from better rates so you can keep as much of the revenue you’ve earned.”

“This is the Embed difference,” says Renee Welsh, CEO. “After decades of being a family-owned company with deep roots in the family entertainment business, we know how to layer value and remove areas that hamper our customers’ growth, like unnecessary costs from payment processing. It’s not enough to offer an FEC the best cashless business solution and then watch them get straddled with a payment processor that absorbs their revenue with hidden merchant fees, so we’re doing something about it and changing lives! It’s how Embed layers value for our customers, enabling them to maximise their system to transform their businesses. It’s the mission of Embed’s Success Squad, that’s why it’s complimentary! That’s just how it is when you’re a member of the Embed family. We live service and reliability.”

Embed showcased its Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions like the Mobile Wallet virtual game card – which promises a 5x increase in average reload value compared to cash and credit cards. To amplify this transformational growth, Embed brought its Success Squad’s training arm GoTrain to the show, sharing the benefits of staff training (virtual or onsite) to drive greater Mobile Wallet registrations and sign-ups.

“We also featured our all-new 40 Made-to-Order Designer Game Cards to help boost guest spend and loyalty,” says Megan Lim, Transformation Growth Director. These dynamic card designs are now available in the Embed eSHOP to ensure availability and ease of procurement.