Theme park Toverland reveals opening date new attractions

By | May 23, 2023

At theme park Toverland, people have been very busy working on the expansion of Avalon, the park’s medieval theme area. Four new attractions, two extra play areas and various interactive experiences are currently being constructed. Today, the theme park announces that these additions will be open to the public on Saturday 1 July 2023. This expansion will make Avalon’s offer more attractive to a larger audience and also increases the length-of-stay in this area. The theme park has invested a total of 11.5 million euros in this project. More information can be found on

Four new attractions
Back in 2018, Toverland opened theme area Avalon with its spectacular wing coaster Fēnix, boat ride Merlin’s Quest and serviced restaurant The Flaming Feather. This year, it sees the addition of two large and two smaller attractions. The large attractions are Dragonwatch, a family friendly drop tower that takes visitors to a height of 17 metres, and Pixarus, an interactive flat ride where passengers have the ability to control the number of inversions they want to make. Also unique about Pixarus, is that it is built within the angled turn (the ‘helix’) of Fēnix, causing both attractions to fly extremely close to each other. Younger guests will enjoy a festive carousel with the name Jumping Juna and a tour through Merlin’s magical herb garden, which will be called Garden Tour.

Extra experiences and play areas
“With this expansion we allow the story of medieval theme area Avalon to continue”, says Peter van Holsteijn, head designer at Toverland. “We wanted to make it more complete for the entire family. We are achieving this, not only by adding new attractions, but also by introducing new viewing scenes and new characters including friendly fire dragons and Juna the unicorn. Our smaller guests can also go on a discovery tour in a splashing water play area and a colourful toddler playground.”

Construction updates
The realisation of this expansion involves 35 parties with 300 staff members from 8 different countries. Construction started last September and the expansion will open on 1 July 2023. A huge investment of 11.5 million euros is involved with this project. Fans will be kept informed of the construction via the social media channels and website of Toverland.