PB Amusement adds amusement industry veteran to its sales team

By | May 24, 2023

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. — PB Amusement, LLC is proud to announce the addition of Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Amusement Industry Expert and Enthusiast, Jay Willis as the Director of Sales.  Jay has 15 years of business-to-business sales experience in the attractions ticketing industry, but has actually spent most of his life in and around the amusement business because his family owned a bowling alley.  “I grew up at the bowling alley.” Willis said.  “When I was young I would do small tasks like cleaning tables, working the front desk and snack bar. I eventually became manager of the bowling alley, earned certifications through PBAA, and even became a USBC Certified Youth Bowling Coach.”

Willis took a few years away from the industry pursuing a manufacturing and online sales business which allowed him to address some personal family matters, but always kept in touch with the friends he had in the industry.  One such friend was Pete Barto, President of PB Amusement, LLC.  “I have told Jay for years that when he is ready to come back to the industry, he has a spot waiting for him, wherever I am.”, Barto said.  “I have always been impressed with his sales acumen, work ethic, customer relationships, and passion for the industry.”

Willis is well known and very well connected in the amusement and attractions industry.  He has managed accounts for some of the biggest and most prestigious properties in North America.  Jay is a welcome addition to the PB Amusement Team, and will work beside Pete Barto to help grow sales of the diverse portfolio of 15 manufacturers and suppliers that PB Amusement represents.

Jay’s primary focus will be working with Family Entertainment Centers, Ski Resorts, Waterparks and Sports Team/Facilities selling ADG Mountain Coasters and Slides, Motion Simulators and film licensing from thejuice and DOF Robotics, Food Services from Perky’s Pizza and Spirello (frozen potato on a stick), and Sustainable, Rain Ponchos made from 100% sugarcane from Green Gear Supply Company.  If you have a need, Jay likely has the answer.  He can be reached at (914) 443-8717 or via email at sales@pbamusement.com.

PB Amusement has experienced tremendous growth in just one year of operation, and has established itself as a reliable and reputable source for problem solving in the amusement and attractions industry.  The company boasts a formal portfolio of 15 manufacturers and suppliers, along with additional connections with a near endless global network of partners and friends in the industry willing to help PB Amusement meet the needs of every aspect of a park’s project.  Be it wet and dry rides, theming, fabrication, high-tech, food and beverage, guest enhancements, story-based simulators, sustainable products, miniature golf, indoor snow parks, or padding replacement and fiberglass, PB Amusement has built an impressive portfolio of solutions to help build attendance and guest satisfaction for every kind of facility in the amusement and attractions industry.  For more information on PB Amusement, visit their website at www.PBAmusement.com.