Rollercoaster in Europa-Park celebrates its final rail

By | May 18, 2023

One of the most modern and spectacular attractions in Europe is currently being built with the new rollercoaster in Europa-Park. 15 weeks after the installation of the first rail, the track was ceremoniously closed yesterday. The final rail element, part of the ‘inverted top hat’, had to be installed 32.5 metres above the station building, marking the highest point of the 1,385 metre long line. Like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle, 15 specialists from Ride Construction Service Worldwide GmbH have put together 142 rail elements and almost 500 tonnes of supports over the past few weeks. “Today marks another milestone in our company history. The new rollercoaster with a Croatian connection and an exciting storytelling from the pen of MACK One is a true matter of the heart for us and will surely become one of the best rides in Europe,” explains Michael Mack, Managing Partner of Europa-Park.

In the coming months, work on the theming and the installation of the technology will take place. The new rollercoaster has almost 300 stators, which catapult the trains up to 90 km/h four times, one of which travels backwards. The system is manufactured by MACK Rides, one of the market leaders in the development and production of theme park attractions. The opening of the attraction is planned for 2024.

The new 360-degree film adventure ‘Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia’ in the Dome of Dreams gives a first taste of the theming and exciting storytelling of the new rollercoaster. Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla’s revolutionary invention opens up a whole new method of travel, allowing visitors to explore the most beautiful places in Croatia in an unprecedented way. Guests can look forward to a new exciting cinema adventure in ‘Magic Cinema 4D’ from autumn: where the audience can experience, with all of their senses, how the Croatian visionary, alongside the legendary Adventure Club of Europe, developed a spectacular invention that ushered in the electric age.