Indonesian-based Batavia Pik, a groundbreaking retail destination designed by Legacy Entertainment in collaboration with Amantara (Agung Sedayu Group), announces phase 1 opening at Golf Island Pik

By | May 22, 2023

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Indonesia’s foremost developers, Agung Sedayu Group (ASG) and Salim Group, have announced that the first phase of Batavia PIK, a next-generation retail complex which is part of their Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) mega-development, will make its debut later this month. The second phase is anticipated to begin rolling out in the third quarter of this year, completing the list of integrated destinations and facilities in the PIK township.

Conceptualized and master planned by California-based Legacy Entertainment in collaboration with Amantara (a subsidiary of ASG), Batavia PIK is the world’s first overwater retail, dining, and entertainment complex. The destination is also the first project to debut as a result of this unique creative partnership between the two groups.

“Batavia PIK holds a special place in the hearts of the Legacy team,” says Marcus King, Legacy Entertainment’s Chief Projects Officer, as well as one of the firm’s owners.  Noting that it was the first new contract the company took on during the Covid-19 pandemic, King continues, “This was the first project designed while we were all learning a new way of working, not to mention having never met our partners in-person! ASG’s spirit of collaboration made the process so seamless and enjoyable that I can’t imagine we will ever forget it.”

Batavia PIK’s unique setting called for an equally unique creative solution. After exploring several concepts, the teams mutually agreed on the boldest of these proposals – a ‘floating city’ erected entirely over an inlet from the Java Sea. Moreover, Batavia PIK will be the second compound on Golf Island PIK to apply an Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) using water and waste management, eco-friendly materials, and other green technologies. With this scheme, upscale esplanades flank both sides of the canal, allowing access to the elaborate network of overwater boardwalks, which connect over 53 leasable facilities and entertainment facilities. More facilities add to the convenience of visitors, such as souvenir stores, cafes, curated retail tenants, a floating Musholla (prayer room), pedestrian walkways, and global culinary choices. 

“Our inspiration comes from Batavia city as the trade center in the colonial era of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, dubbed as the ‘Queen of the East’,” says Natalia Kusumo, CEO of Commercials & Hotels Division 2 Amantara – Agung Sedayu Group. “The port city, now called Jakarta, is famous for its beauty and as a melting pot where various nations gathered and traded. The resulting cultural assimilation thus influenced architecture, arts, culinary, and other aspects of local cultures.”

The meeting of the past with the present is a key concept woven throughout every facet of the nearly-28,000 square meter Batavia PIK complex and showcased through architectural details. Colonial-style windows and arches, for example, blend together with rattan weaves and indigenous building materials to embody a tropical vernacular style. 

With a vision to preserve Indonesia’s history and various cultures, Batavia PIK presents Pasar Rakjat as one of its main concepts. This area supports the SMEs in Indonesia through a unique marketplace architecture and nostalgic decoration divided into Pasar Buku, Pasar Gerabah, Pasar Loak, Pasar Anyaman, and Pasar Perabot. By supporting the local SMEs, Pasar Rakjat aims to grow Indonesia’s tourism, especially in the greater Jakarta area.

“Retail developers all over the world are in a moment of reflection and transition,” adds King. “With its seamless fusion of ancient and modern culture, retail, and entertainment, we hope that Batavia PIK will represent a literal bridge between the past and the future. No matter how the industry changes or audiences evolve, people all around the world will always want to dine together and be entertained together. Here they’ll be able to do both in a setting unlike any other.”

Even before its opening day, Batavia PIK is already garnering international attention with the project recently recognized as the ‘Best Retail Development’ by the PropertyGuru Asia Property Awards 2022. Thanks to its conceptual design and curated tenancy, Batavia PIK aims to become a modern melting pot to showcase the beauty of Indonesia for the people here and visitors from abroad.