Gardaland Resort officially opens Jumanji – The Labyrinth, for the 2023 season

By | April 28, 2023

Gardaland Resort opened Jumanji-The Labyrinth, the new attraction for the 2023 season, a compelling and immersive experience in which guests will be called upon to put their wits and sensibility to the test. Based on the box office hit film series from Sony Pictures Entertainment, Jumanji -The Labyrinth is suitable for all guests, including families with children of all ages and groups of friends.

Gardaland guests will once again be able to immerse themselves in the wild story of Jumanji but – this year – in a completely different way, no longer aboard the iconic off-road vehicle, but on foot and by their own strength, creating their own unique experience inside the attraction.

Conceived as a multi-sensory, multi-layered experience, Jumanji – The Labyrinth engages guests/adventurers with multiple challenges to face and overcome before they reach the jungle maze, cross it, and save Jumanji.

After passing through the imposing Entrance Portal, adventurers will face their first test of courage: a green vortex they must pass through to enter the story of Jumanji -The Labyrinth. The vortex, which is ready to consume guests, is inspired by the beam of green light that teleports the protagonists into the story of Jumanji in the films of the series.

For their second test, guests will have to endure the mirror maze, featuring over 40 mirrors on a path that is about 30 meters long. The guests, who are surrounded by soft lights, will be absorbed by the reflection of their own images and tricked into taking the wrong path.

The path then continues through another intricate indoor passageway to the impressive 180-meter-long jungle labyrinth made up of more than 2,000 real plants of more than 30 different species, a genuine “green air” area — created with broadleaf trees, shrubs, palms and tree ferns — inside of which are hidden detours, fork paths, dead ends, and surprising special effects.

The jungle maze, enriched with 14 groups of rocks and several statues, will give guests the feeling of being completely immersed in the wild and mysterious story of Jumanji, especially as they arrive at the heart of the labyrinth itself, where they will find the iconic statues from the film towering up before them: a jaguar, a monkey, an elephant and a crocodile 180 cm high, protecting the sacred gem, before arriving at the majestic Elephant Temple: the only way out that brings water back to the kingdom of Jumanji.

“We are very proud to be able to continue this global collaboration between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Merlin Entertainments and offer our Guests a new Jumanji-branded experience, building on the success of the opening of Jumanji® -The Adventure last year, which welcomed more than 1 million visitors. The Jumanji

experience is synonymous with adventure, imagination, fun, action and play, and is perfectly suited to the fundamental values of Gardaland Park and I am confident that the Guest’s first-hand involvement will be a key factor for the success of this new attraction in the Park.” commented Sabrina De Carvalho, CEO of Gardaland.Jeffrey Godsick, EVP of Global Partnerships and Brand Management and Head of Location-Based Entertainment at Sony Pictures Entertainment said: The reaction to Jumanji The Adventure at Gardaland, opened last year, has been great. It is both a testament to Merlin’s commitment to the highest level of guest experience and audience love for Jumanji. We are especially excited to grow the Jumanji experience with this new second attraction, Jumanji The Labyrinth, giving guests the opportunity to continue to be part of the story.”