Liseberg premieres POV for new roller coaster Luna

By | September 2, 2022

This year Liseberg introduced a new themed area on the Liseberg hill – Luna Park – as a part of the park’s centennial celebration. Two new family rides, Turbo & Tempus, opened in connection with the park’s summer premiere in April. Next year, when Liseberg celebrates its 100-year anniversary, Luna Park will be completed with the third and biggest attraction in the area, the Vekoma Family Boomerang roller coaster Luna. In a new POV video, guests can now experience the ride virtually.

The Family Boomerang roller coaster Luna will be the tallest and fastest of its kind in Europe when it opens in the summer of 2023. But already today, guests can experience the ride virtually in a new POV video. The train is pulled up backward and then pushed off at 68km/h along the 225-meter-long track until it reaches the 33.5-meter-high top. The train then travels backwards along the track, resulting in a total ride time of approximately one minute.

Luna will be the final addition to the new Luna Park area that opened in 2022 up on the Liseberg hill above FlumeRide. The entire area is a tribute to the history of amusement parks and Liseberg – a venture that celebrates Liseberg’s 100th anniversary.

The work on the foundation etc. already started last year, and during the autumn the work continues with building the station and installing the track. Luna is planned to open in the spring of 2023, in connection with Liseberg’s summer season premiere.

Luna is part of Liseberg’s 100th anniversary, which is also celebrated with the opening of the Liseberg Grand Curiosa Hotel and a long series of events and concerts in the park”, says Andreas Andersen, CEO at Liseberg. “We can look forward to one of the most exciting years in Liseberg’s 100-year-old history”.