September 2022

By | September 1, 2022

The September 2022 issue includes:

  • Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage debuts at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  • Zamperla provides spinning coasters to opposite side of glove
  • The Park at OWA rebrands its parks to Tropic Falls
  • PNE Playland’s Skybender is first installation of Zamperla Gryphon
  • Familypark Austria debuts Intamin flume ride
  • Houston’s Traders Village adds two attractions from Chance Rides
  • Six Flags Great Adventure rebrands B&M coaster, Medusa returns
  • FACE Amusement enjoys benefits of continued Embed partnership
  • Mighty Coconut’s walkabout VR minigolf
  • Ohio State Fair successful run in 2022
  • K-Days attendance increases after two-year hiatus
  • Soaky Mountain debuts unique fusion waterslide from WhiteWater
  • CEO Tim Murphy leads Boomers Park properties
  • IAAPA Europe Expo returns to London
  • DelGrosso’s Park & Laguna Splash hosts PAPA Summer Meeting
  • EAAPA ends July hosting successful summer meeting
  • S&S Worldwide, Inc. announces the retirement of Tim Timco
  • Willi Mack of Mack Rides passes at the age of 99
  • Monty Jasper steps off the roller coaster and takes a little time
  • Playland’s Wooden Coaster open to public after refurbishment
  • AIMS Safety Seminar planning underway, to include new program
  • Carowinds plans for new rides, redesign of area into Aeronautica Landing … and much more!