Take a break from everyday life in Rulantica

By | July 1, 2022

Discover the mysticism and beauty of Scandinavia while relaxing in the south Baden sun. Rulantica offers one of the most beautiful swimming and bathing experiences in Europe, both indoors and outdoors, all year round. Visitors can experience action and relaxation while surrounded by a Nordic theme. In the new ‘Tønnevirvel’, from 2nd July, the motto is ‘On the boats… get set… wet’! In the water world of Europa-Park, the ‘Twist’n’Splash’ ride from Mack Rides,  beloved in amusement parks, will be presented in a water park for the first time worldwide. The youngest visitors can also really let off some steam with new slides and an interactive play corner. As of this season, there is even more space in the outdoor area for parents to unwind and simply enjoy the south Baden sun. Visitors can reach the sandy Nordic beach ‘Dynstrønd’ via a wooden footbridge. There are plenty of exciting adventures for all ages at the outdoor slide world ‘Svalgurok’, which opened last summer and has ten slides and over 100 opportunities to play.

Cool down on hot summer days
The Rulantica water world rises up high, casting a spell over visitors from afar. Adventurers of all ages can discover a total of 13 themed areas both indoors and outdoors. In the new ‘Tønnevirvel’, up to six passengers can glide through the crystal-clear water in nine round boats. The interactive water carousel provides lively adventures all year round. The boats spin round on themselves and on three underwater platforms, creating double the spinning fun and a unique thrill. With oversized water spray guns, passengers can engage in back to back water fights. Visitors who don’t wish to become passengers by entering the magical stone circle, an ancient sacred site of the Nordic peoples, can still expect to get a little wet, as the lively spectacle does not only take place on the boats. Guests can also join in on the fun from land with even more water guns surrounding the attraction, ensuring that guests are not completely defenseless against the refreshing watery bombardment coming from the round boats.

More summer highlights await visitors in the spacious outdoor area. In addition to ‘Svalgurok’, one of the largest outdoor slide landscapes in Europe, the outdoor area ‘Snorri Strand’ has also been open since last year. From May, it will even offer two more attractions: With three slides, there is plenty of water fun to be had for little adventurers at ‘Snorri’s Slide Pads’, while behind ‘Snorri Strand’ Rulantica’s younger guests can try out two gently curving children’s slides and a mini racing slide, all of which lead down from a hill. Snorri has also discovered plenty of flotsam on the ‘Skip Strand’; perfect for building ‘Snorri’s Spelaborg’. This interactive play corner is easily manageable, and is located behind ‘Snorri Strand’.

As the children are run around having fun, adults can enjoy the Baden sun on one of the over 1,000 loungers around ‘Svalgurok’ and ‘Snorri Strand’. For a bit of summer comfort, eight Beach Sofas can be booked as well as the cosy Beach Islands. Guests can experience luxurious relaxation on the Rulantica VIP yacht ‘Rangnak’, which has been anchored in the water world since last year, and from July, the new yachts ‘Svensson’ and ‘Stenrokk’. Each VIP yacht is equipped completely individually, so that guests can choose from a wide range of yacht flair. ‘Rangnak’ offers its own sun deck, an outdoor shower in the private outdoor area with a fish pond and the air-conditioned Owner’s Cabin with minibar and flat-screen TV. On the yacht ‘Svensson’, guests can enjoy comfortable seating on deck, an air-conditioned relaxation corner in the bow, as well as a minibar. In the outdoor area, which the Rulantica VIP yacht ‘Stenrokk’ shares some of with other visitors, they can enjoy the sun on comfortable loungers and then cool off under the private outdoor shower. The yacht ‘Stenrokk’ also awaits the guests with a lot of cosiness and flair. It offers a comfortable seating area on deck and an air-conditioned relaxation berth in the bow. Alongside the yacht are comfortable loungers which invite you to enjoy extensive sunbathing, as well as a lounging corner in the open boathouse. From the exclusive vantage point with panoramic seating area, only available to guests on the VIP yachts, visitors have a wonderful view of the outdoor area of the water world. All guests of the Rulantica VIP yachts can look forward to comforts such as personal food service, WiFi and much more

Since spring there has been even more space outside to relax and let off some steam: Visitors can reach the sandy Nordic beach ‘Dynstrønd’ via a wooden footbridge. From May to September, on an area of 1,400 m², there are more loungers, including comfortable beach chairs for that pure holiday feeling. For kids, there is also a sand play area. Guests can also look forward to periodic musical and artistic shows on the open-air stage just next door. From 8th July to 11th September, experience Rulantica Vibes from 7pm every evening. Ideal for anyone who longs for a chilled summer evening with relaxed music and cool drinks at the swim-up bar.

All this water fun is bound to work up an appetite! From May to September, visitors can enjoy snacks such as delicious sandwiches, fruit cups and cakes at Snorri’s Piknikbud on ‘Snorri Strand’. At the outdoor food court ‘Strand Kök’, enjoy various delicacies with a view of the outdoor slide world ‘Svalgurok’. These include salads, as well as a range of specialty coffees, delicious waffles and swirl ice cream. In addition, visitors can now also take a break in ‘Snekkjas Vinterhage’, a raised terrace with seating for 100 – this area features a winter-style glaze, and will be open in the summer to offer guests a shady spot on sunny days.

Dive into unique water fun
The indoor area also offers a variety of attractions for all age groups. ‘Dugdrob’ and ‘Vildfål’ fall freely through Rangnakor, guaranteeing a rush of adrenaline. Even the youngest visitors can let off steam in the indoor area of the water world as they play among the trolls in the safe water environment, as well as have their first slide experiences, in the idyllic ‘Trølldal’. At the one-of-a-kind ‘Diving Theatre’ ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’ from MackNeXT, fans of the cute Rulantica character can immerse themselves in a fantastic underwater world using VR diving headsets and a snorkel.

Adults can also relax in the exclusive Hyggedal relaxation and sauna area. The oasis of wellbeing in a Nordic ambience is located above the ‘Lumålunda’ restaurant and offers a wonderful view of the entire water world. Cosy loungers and three nude wooden saunas await all visitors aged 18 and over with a large 1,000m² outdoor terrace.  The new ‘KOTA Sauna Chalet’ opened last winter. There, guests can enjoy the proper sauna experience surrounded by rustic tables and seating, as well as a sauna oven, while enjoying a delicious wheat beer – with or without alcohol. Afterwards, they can enjoy tasty Hygge Bowls with smoked salmon, tofu or roast beef in a Nordic ambience in the Hygge Sauna Bar, or in ‘panoraama – the Rulantica Bar’. Both ‘Snorri Snorkling VR’ and ‘Hyggedal’ are additional offers that can be optionally added to the ticket. As a special highlight, ‘Hyggedal’ also has the ‘Hygge Supreme Hydda’ – an exclusive suite for up to four people with a unique view of the water world and a private sauna as well as a personal food service. There are numerous other exclusive retreats in Rulantica, such as the Komfort Hyddas, eight differently themed huts in Rangnakor, or the Komfort Sofas, comfortable day beds in cosy alcoves.

Dreamy nights
After an exciting day, visitors can relax and dream away in one of the six park-owned themed hotels and in the Europa-Park Camp Resort. The 4* superior hotel ‘Krønasår’ also offers its guests direct access to the water world, one hour before the official opening.

Unforgettable holiday experiences
The Europa-Park Resort is the perfect destination for a short holiday. The water world also offers a wide range of adventures to be experienced. At the virtual reality experience YULLBE, right next to the hotel ‘Krønasår’, visitors from the age of 12 can immerse themselves in other worlds in very unique way. Then, only 1.5 km as the crow flies from Rulantica, at Europa-Park are 15 European themed areas with traditional-style architecture, gastronomy and plants that invite you to take a stroll across the continent. Visitors to Germany’s largest theme park can look forward to over 100 attractions and shows.