Galaxy Connect from Gateway Ticketing Systems welcomes eleven new distributors since July

By | January 25, 2022

GILBERTSVILLE, Pa. — Galaxy Connect, the cloud-based platform from Gateway Ticketing Systems that connects attraction suppliers with third-party distributors, has onboarded eleven new distributors since July of 2021.

Galaxy Connect allows Gateway’s customers to sell their tickets via their Galaxy Ticketing and Guest Experience solution through third-party distributor web sites. But it’s not just Gateway’s attraction customers that benefit from Galaxy Connect.

Those third-party websites, often online travel agencies (OTAs), see huge benefits of getting certified with Connect as well. By working with Gateway’s customer attractions to sell tickets on their sites, distributors are serving their customers the local, national and even international tickets they want. Connect enables them to sell live digital tickets and not paper vouchers, ensuring their customers are satisfied from purchase through to visit. And by getting certified just once, they’re able to connect with every single one of Gateway’s customers that are on the platform.

“What impresses me the most about these new certified distributors is the diversity of their businesses and the ways we came to a partnership,” says Wanda Kalbach, Distribution Partner Manager with Connect. “Some sell directly to consumers, some to businesses. Some were introduced to us by our current customers who want to sell on their platforms, and we met others at tradeshows. They’re also from all over the world. It really shows how expansively useful Galaxy Connect is in driving revenue across the industry.”

Kalbach, along with Gateway’s entire Galaxy Connect team, are happy to announce the following distributors have recently been onboarded and successfully certified with Galaxy Connect:

  • Vacations Made Easy, working with Galaxy attractions in Branson, Missouri and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has been in business for over 21 years, providing one-stop travel planning for vacations to locations around the US.
  • ATP Travel focuses on inbound tourism to the United States and was referred to Gateway by a Galaxy attraction in New York City.
  • Emesa Holdings BV is unique among Galaxy Connect distributors in that they operate an auction site, Vakantie Veilingen (Dutch for “Holiday Auctions”). Galaxy users in the Benelux region of Europe introduced Gateway to Emesa.
  • Sesame Unlimited is a brand new startup, an app-based membership program that affords its members a simple way to book and save on everything they do in each of their Sesame cities.
  • Mauka Tours is based in Honolulu and focuses on attractions and experiences in Hawaii. They will leverage the Galaxy Connect API to connect with a Galaxy attraction in their area.
  • Promoparcs is an employee perks company serving Europe, providing tickets to employees of works councils, associations and unions. They focus on leisure sites in France and Europe.