Fun Spot America breaks ground on Arieforce One roller coaster

By | January 6, 2022

ATLANTA, Ga. — Fun Spot America Theme Parks, Atlanta’s only Family-Owned theme park have a New Year’s Resolution to bring HUGE excitement to its Fayetteville, Georgia location with the addition of an action-packed custom Rocky Mountain Construction steel roller coaster, ArieForce One. With ground-breaking taking place on Thursday, January 6th, John Arie Jr. believes this is one resolution that he is sure to keep, and coaster enthusiast are sure to love. Riders will soar over 3,400 feet of track, towering 15 stories and flying at speeds up to 64 miles-per-hour. The new coaster will be located near the main gate to the park where guests will have spectacular views of the entire park.

“New Year’s resolutions may come and go, but this one is here to stay. ArieForce One is a tribute to my father’s passion for flying, and with all of the airtime moments and weightlessness this RMC coaster provides, it is sure to be a HUGE success!” said Fun Spot America CEO and Owner, John Arie Jr.

“The addition of ArieForce One is a HUGE milestone for our company and the first of many new Marque rides and attractions yet to come to the Fayetteville, GA park,” said John Arie Jr “As a one-of-a-kind roller coaster, custom designed to the topography and layout of Fun Spot Atlanta, no other RMC roller coaster has this combination of elements. The Raven Truss Dive and the Zero-G Roll over the arcade are the first-of-their-kind in the world. In both ride elements the train travels through the center of a uniquely designed truss bridge while twisting at Zero-G,” said Rocky Mountain Construction Director of Design and Engineering, Jake Kilcup.

Key Features of ArieForce One include:

  • Themed queue lines based on John Arie Sr’s boyhood passion for flight;
  • Two state of the art 20-passenger steering axle trains that just scream high speed thrills;
  • 3,400 feet of RMC’s award-winning patented steel Ibox track;
  • A HUGE tension-building ascent up a towering,154-foot lift hill;
  • Reaching incredible speeds up to 64 mph;
  • Intense ride elements including a steep, 83-degree first drop and the largest Zero-G Stall in America;
  • Four exciting inversions including a first ever Raven Truss Dive, two Zero-G Rolls and a 180-degree stall.