Liseberg kicks off centennial celebration with a new themed area; Luna Park

By | December 21, 2021

In 2023 Liseberg celebrates its 100-year anniversary. This centennial will be marked by the opening of the LisebergGrand Curiosa Hotel in 2023 and Oceana Water World in 2024. But already next year, the celebration begins with a completely new themed area named Luna Park, as well as two new family rides, Turbo & Tempus. A year later, the Luna family boomerang roller coaster, will be added to the area.

At the top of the Liseberg Hill overlooking the park, a new area will emerge in 2022 – Luna Park – as a tribute to the origins of Liseberg in 1923; the grand world exhibitions, technical wonders, and captivating lighting.

“We are creating a completely new area, much like we did when we built The Rabbit Land in 2013. This time we are building an area for the whole family with several new attractions. The area is a tribute to the history of amusement parks and Liseberg – and a celebration worthy of a 100-year anniversary”, says Andreas Andersen, CEO Liseberg.

More than Euro 10 million is invested in the area, and a total of three rides will be added, of which the first two will open this summer. Turbo and Tempus are both attractions suited for the whole family.

Tempus – a Zamperla Nebulaz ride – plays with time and space, and the four axes rotate in perfect harmony, taking you up and down and around with extraordinary precision.

Turbo – an interactive Technical Park Sidecar XL carousel – is letting you decide for yourself how fast and high you want the motorcycle and sidecar to go.

In time for the centennial in 2023, the last and biggest ride – Luna – will be added. Luna is a Vekoma Family Boomerang coaster, where the train follows a 242 meters long track until a drop at a dead-end spike, and then back again. With its 33.5 meters tall spike Luna becomes the tallest and fastest (68km/h) of its kind in the world.

The area’s theme has been inspired by centuries of amusement park tradition with hundreds of lamps and decorations. Luna Parks have existed since the 1860s, often central and easily accessible parks with attractions, market stalls and games. Liseberg is interpreting this tradition and combining it with the park’s own history.

“Luna Park will be like its own little universe inside the amusement park, especially in the evening with all the lights. A beautiful and immersive environment with lots of lighting, elegant architecture, and the air of innovation.”, says David Schofield, Creative Director at Liseberg.

The first phase of Luna Park will open with the park on April 23, 2022.