Polin introduces world’s first-ever fully transparent composite Looping Rocket Waterslide

By | September 22, 2021

TURKEY — Polin Waterparks is pushing waterslide technology to the next level with its latest innovation. Its new attraction is the world’s first fully transparent composite Looping Rocket Waterslide, which is expected to have a dynamic impact on the industry.

Polin Waterparks installed the first version of this new waterslide at Candyland Waterpark at the Vogue Hotel in Bodrum, Turkey, in July 2020, and positive guest feedback continues to rocket skyward, just like the ride itself. This is because, on its own, the Looping Rocket is already a high-adrenaline ride that gets guests’ hearts pumping due to its ultrahigh, heart-stopping drop. But with its new availability as a fully transparent slide, the Looping Rocket increases guests’ adrenaline even more as they zoom through the dark.

Guests already associate waterslides with some of the most fun places to cool off during hot daytime hours. Now, guests have a reason to stick around for more fun after the sun goes down. With its pulsing, phosphorescent glow, the Looping Rocket becomes an exciting nighttime attraction for both riders and those watching — even those driving by who can see it shimmering as they pass by. For parks wanting to enhance the guest experience further, they can add a variety of enhancements to the slide, transforming their venues on an even greater scale and creating a true night to remember for their clientele.

Polin Waterparks is recognized as an official R&D center and a pioneer in the field of innovative advancement and application of closed-molded manufacturing technology in waterslide development. With new developments such as its Glossy Looping Rocket, Polin continues to focus on innovation in composite-manufacturing technologies.

The core of Polin’s R&D strategy is its concentration on financial, customer, and process perspectives with particular emphasis on learning, dissemination, and innovation. Polin proved its dedication to these aspects of R&D when the company pioneered the advancement and application of light resin transfer molding (LRTM) in waterslide manufacturing. In 2006, it converted 100 percent of its fiberglass production to LRTM, a first in the aquatic-attractions industry.

This development raised the bar for all other waterpark slide manufacturers. Since then, Polin has regularly introduced ever-greater innovations, including the development of special lighting effects, patterned and transparent composites, sound-integrated components, wooden and metallic finishes, three-dimensional waterslides, and unique slide designs.

As a result of Polin’s dedication to innovation, the company has now introduced the industry to its first fully transparent composite waterslide, satisfying the need for a better-quality, higher-functioning, and price-advantaged solution compared to the transparent acrylic components that are typical to waterslides from other companies.

Features of Glassy

  • Premium quality
  • Functional, price-advantaged solution compared to transparent acrylic components
  • High-tech composite raw materials
  • Special high-strength resin
  • Specialty fiberglass
  • Mechanically as strong as traditional production technologies • Flawless durability against UV and pool chemicals.