The upgraded Intamin “Surf Family”

By | July 16, 2021

Intamin is proud to present the completely upgraded version of our “Surf Family” coasters: The Surf Rider 2.0 – available in two sizes – and their bigger sibling with an enhanced ride experience: The Ultra Surf. All “Surf Family” members come with a significantly increased capacity and are powered by the most powerful LSM launch system available on the market. They’re packed, and we really mean packed, with weightlessness and airtime moments.

After talking to our customers, Intamin decided to make important upgrades to the ”Surf Family” portfolio: We kept the fun ride concept and added improvements which are bound to satisfy both park owners and ridership alike.

The new, bigger, state-of-the-art free-spinning gondolas – now with 20 seats instead of 12 – allows us to achieve nearly double the ride capacity per hour.  Due to the use of cutting-edge lightweight construction methods and materials we were also able to substantially reduce the weight of the moving masses at the same time.

A unique ride-experience – for thrill seekers and for families – provides an enhancement for every park. This, not only because of the abundant theming possibilities but especially due to the ride’s combination of power, compact footprint, capacity and last but not least simply the fun factor!

The Ultra Surf
The Ultra Surf comes with a large amount of weightlessness and airtime moments: It’s packed with it, not only attributed to the added airtime hill but also because of the two beyond vertical, ejector intense gravity stall ramps. On account of the free-spinning vehicles, the feeling of floating and spinning through the air is experienced in a different way each time, so you’ll want to ride it again and again. Lastly, with the shuttle-style coaster design on a compact footprint, you get an extended coaster feeling with up to 600 metres of experienced track on 180 meters of physical track.

For those looking to increase the excitement factor even further, the optional spin-incitation will enhance the intensity of this new member of the “Surf Family”.  Another measure to elevate the experience for both riders and spectators alike are the optionally available water features allowing for a number of different fountain patterns. Speeding through a water vortex tunnel, creating a water wall or riding right through a water curtain – the installation of these interactive features allows for a controlled degree of how wet you want your riders to get or simply allows for adaptions to the seasonal weather situation. These effects are not restricted to water, you can theme the ride to a number of other elements, enhance it with fire shows, add a fog tunnel or dedicate the whole ride to a fantasy figure – the theming possibilities of the vehicle and ride design of this iconic structure are abundant.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what story you want to tell, the ride system guarantees smiling riders leaving the station wanting to ride again and again. With its compact footprint, in consideration of being a signature attraction, the Ultra Surf is not only a perfect ride for theme and amusement parks, it also serves as a great addition for water parks wanting to give their visitors something really unique and special. buy symbicort online over the counter

The Surf Rider 2.0
The Surf Rider 2.0 – a classic ride reworked to offer you more excitement for more of your guests. By redesigning the vehicle Intamin’s engineers reduced the vehicle weight, almost doubled the instant capacity and added a more powerful spin, guaranteeing that the Surf Rider remains a crowd favourite! buy temovate online over the counter

The Surf Rider 2.0 still comes in two sizes, both on a very compact footprint. One reaches a total height of 30 meters and the larger version extends up to 40 meters in height. A controlled spin incitation can optionally be added for an even more exciting ride experience. The most obvious characteristic of the nearly self-supporting, iconic U-shaped track is the two beyond vertical spikes – in which the vehicle surfs back and forth – for up to twelve unique moments of airtime-weightlessness for the riders. A fun ride for everyone, perfect for any size or type of park, indoor or outdoor, looking for a unique new crowd puller.  buy xifaxan online over the counter

Intamin’s innovations built in the “Surf Family”
The Ultra Surf and the Surf Rider 2.0 come with all the features of the latest Intamin innovations: The vehicles use the most comfortable and popular Intamin over the shoulder seat restraints, which allow for a maximum feeling of freedom. Utilizing Intamin’s state of the art water cooled LSM launch system the vehicle reaches a max. speed of up to 95 km/h and promises a surprisingly powerful acceleration from the very first push. The smooth ride experience is also the result of a simpler and wider track design which allows for less supporting structure.