Redemption Plus relaunches service package, implements price reduction

By | February 12, 2021

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Redemption Plus has announced they are relaunching their IAAPA Brass Ring-winning Service Package, due to customer demand, and simultaneously reducing prices across the board for customers. “We paused our Service Package when the industry shut down because we downsized staff and had to pivot. But we are seeing our customers come back to life in a big way and see this as a great opportunity to raise our level of service to be more meaningful and that includes lowering our product prices significantly and waiving the annual fees for the Service Package,” said Mike Tipton, Chief Operations Growth Officer. The company is in the testing phase currently with both the relaunched Service Packages and the price reduction, but plan for the roll-out of both to be complete and market-available by the end of February. 

Pivot Creates Price Reduction and Opportunities
After pivoting revenue streams several times during the early months of the Covid-19 shutdown, the company created a partnership with Rhode Island Novelty in August. Through their partnership, Redemption Plus has access to a larger buying network and less overhead from offloading warehouse and back-office management. As a result of the company’s gradual recovery, pricing has been re-evaluated. “Typically, at this time of the year, we are raising prices by 1-2%. But because our structure is different now and our buying network is so much more powerful, we can reduce prices significantly, and at a time that our customers are more price-conscious than ever,” says Tipton.

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Refreshing Customer Locations Once Again
One of the most sought-after services that Redemption Plus offers are “refreshes” of customer locations; redesigning planograms to include new, fresh prizes while highlighting top-performing prizes in those planograms. The company has offered 2 refreshes a year since late 2018 as part of their Service Package. “What we are seeing now is that many locations have been using the same products for a year now because of the pandemic and they need the refreshes more than ever, and before what has traditionally been Spring Break,” says Megan Burtch, the Merchandising Manager at Redemption Plus. “We do custom planograms for customers that have opted-in for our Service Package, but for those customers who maybe only want certain areas spruced up, we have new Storyboards that are a great option.” Storyboards, another proprietary invention of Redemption Plus, allows customers to buy “bundles” of prizes that are in the same theme with one click. 

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“We curate top-performing SKUs every quarter and update Storyboards to make it easy to update 12-40+ SKUs at a time in one easy step instead of shopping endlessly and guessing which prizes may be winners. It’s a smart and safe bet for customers to purchase a Storyboard because the prizes are proven to incentivize players in the game room.” says Mike Tipton. 

On-Demand Training
“We know that customers have had to reduce staff headcount, much like we have, and now a lot of our locations have someone managing redemption who has never done it before or hasn’t done it in a very long time. It creates operational chaos because redemption is just its own beast,” says Tipton. “Our Service Package includes tons of how-to videos for everything from ordering to merchandising. It helps streamline operations as customers come back on board and eventually hand off redemption management back to their employees.” 

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Free To Opt-In
Locations that would like to opt-in to the Redemption Plus Service Package (for free) are encouraged to visit or to contact the company at