A Note from Polin Waterparks

By | July 19, 2016

KOCAELI, Turkey —

Dear All,

This note has one purpose: To deliver our endless thanks to you.

Most days, our team works on creating experiences that we hope make YOU – and your guests – smile. But, over the last few days, it was YOU working to make US smile. And, for that, we are incredibly grateful.

Your outpouring of concern and compassion regarding our safety during recent events in Turkey gave us great hope and optimism for the future – not only for our country but for the world as a whole. As a Company, we’ve always believed strongly in peace, democracy and human rights. We are thankful to report that all members of the Polin team are safe.

As we face the future, your kindhearted messages will remind us of the many wonderful people who share our vision for a future of peace and hopefulness. You give us strength to remain focused on our goal of bringing joy to people’s lives and delivering positive, happy experiences. We are so proud to have developed such a large number of strong friendships with good people in countries all over the world. We know that no matter what our different cultures or locales, we are all connected through our hopes, our beliefs for a better, peaceful world and single-minded hearts.

We remain committed to our promise of offering the best products and service to you all – our thousands of past partners, current partners and future partners all over the world – and we will be working even harder to build a better world for everyone with whatever means we have.

Again, thank you for your messages, e-mails and generous gestures of kindness . We are so grateful to have you in our world.

Kind regards,

Polin Team