Stan Checketts’ new Soaring Eagle zipline soars over IAAPA Expo

By | November 18, 2011

This year’s IAAPA Expo marks the debut of a new family-style zipline called the Soaring Eagle. Created by industry veteran Stan Checketts, the Eagle does away with harnesses in favor of an actual ride vehicle that seats two people.
Furthermore, the Eagle only requires one operator because it ends at the same place it starts. The vehicle is drawn backward along the line via motor, then released back toward the ground. And instead of having to slow the riders down before they reach the end (like a traditional zipline), Checketts’ new attraction uses a patent-pending spring-enabled braking system, and the vehicle absorbs all the energy so riders come in ‘hot’ and slam into the spring for a thrilling yet relatively gentle finale.

The Soaring Eagle Zip Line provides a great view of the Expo's outdoor exhibits. Inset: This new attraction offers rides for two people at once.

Checketts has already installed the Soaring Eagle at a few friends’ attractions, and he said it’s fully versatile. It can be placed alongside a mountain and load at either the top or bottom of the incline; the Expo version is also available, using a tower at one end to provide the change in altitude.

“I got the old out-of-the-box creative juices going and came up with this one,” said Checketts.

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