Embed launches new Hygiene Defence non-toxic product line

ATJohn W.C. Robinson

SINGAPORE — Embed, known for its cashless business management systems and solutions for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries, has stepped forward to help businesses reopen safely in a world with COVID-19 by announcing its Hygiene Defence line of products.

Embed promotes that the products are stronger than harsh industrial cleaners without the toxic health risks, killing 99.9% of a broad spectrum of pathogens — including COVID-19 — on contact. In addition to cleaning all surfaces, Hygiene Defence can help keep your operation free of airborne pathogens.

“Embed has always been about innovation (albeit, in technology, but one of the values of our company is innovation and it’s a cultural thread that drives and informs every operating decision) and it’s why we work with the most apt partners who share the same commitment to the evolution of our industry. Evolution can’t happen without a spirit of innovation,” said Renee Welsh, CEO of Embed. “It made perfect sense for us to develop products that are stronger than harsh industrial cleaners without the toxicity. Embed Hygiene Defence protection is what our industry most needs now, helping our industry partners to address the new-normal way of life and going the ‘social-distance’ with them to get through this together.”

Embed partnered with DZSA and Australia-based San-Air to develop products that are stronger than harsh industrial cleaners without  the toxicity.

Independently tested by Eurofins, a TGA-licensed laboratory, UNSW and Chemsil Pty Ltd., every Embed Hygiene Defence product is formulated with a proprietary mix of l00% Australian natural active ingredients consisting of organic-certified, biodegradable, steam­-distilled essential oils. Lasting for four hours on surface areas, and airborne Defence 24/7 protection over 30 days, the Embed Hygiene Defence product line-up provides enhanced protection to the industry’s employees and guests.

“Studies have shown that a new type of customer is emerging from this pandemic. After a long lockdown period, the surge of consumers are emerging and only taking their families to businesses they perceive as safe. They will be more conscious of hygiene, price and social distancing than ever before,” added Welsh. “We’ve seen this around the world with our customers, as businesses reopen and close as a second wave hits, etc. Consumers are incredibly savvy and they avoid exposing their families to toxic cleaning products, so they won’t take their families to an operation they perceive as unsafe. 

“It’s unequivocal that the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the indsustry, with the ongoing closure of venues and the new operating models that operators [are adopting] as it pertains to cleaning protocols and stricter cleaning schedules, which results in more cleaning than ever before and equals a higher level of toxic exposure to families than ever before. Embed Hygiene Defence is an alternative sustainable solution to an ongoing problem.”

Embed has contiually stepped forward to assist the industry during the COVID-19 pandamic. The company launched a free, online COVID-19 Resource Center early in the pandemic. In addition, Embed began offering its premier product, Mobile Wallet, for free to the industry so all attractions would have an easier time embracing contactless payment options.

Renee Welsh, CEO

“At Embed, we want to do our part to support our customers and industry. We thought long and hard on what would be the most powerful demonstration of our commitment to our customers and our industry’s recovery, and we came up with new initiatives every single month since this was declared a pandemic: free Mobile Wallet for all (giving away our latest award-winning innovation simply because contactless payments is what the industry most needs now), a resource center with free professional creative toolkits for operators to use when reopening, free downloadable white papers and ongoing education via blogs and EmbedLIVE,”  stated Welsh.

“The aim of all these initiatives is to bring the light of hope to the industry so we can weather this storm collectively and see the rare opportunity to reinvent, redesign and rewrite the future of our exciting industry. We will go the social distance with our industry and emerge with a better, stronger business for the consumer who awaits. We’ll get through this together, and not only survive, but thrive.”

Customers, both existing and new to Embed, can order the Hygiene Defence product line from Embed’s webstore. 


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