Zamperla’s first Twister Freeform a key part of Cedar Point’s 2023 expansion

By | May 18, 2023

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Point leaned into its past as inspiration for its newest area, the Boardwalk. The park took three classic attractions from around the property and moved them to the new area, added a beautiful eating area called the Grand Pavilion and anchored the entire area with a new Zamperla Twister Freeform.

The coaster, called Wild Mouse by the park, is a throwback in spirit, but offers a brand-new ride experience.

“The Twister Freeform is an updated version of our classic Twister Coaster. When we spoke with Cedar Point they asked us to provide an experience that gave a nod to the past, but offered a modern ride experience. We believe it is a great example of the next generation of Zamperla coasters,” said President and CEO Antonio Zamperla.

“The addition of Wild Mouse perfectly balances the setting and attractions of The Boardwalk – our new lakeside midway area,” said Carrie Boldman, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point. “Being a part of family tradition is extremely important to all of us at Cedar Point. Wild Mouse allows young kids and adults to enjoy a ‘first’ roller coaster thrill together, and the spinning action of each car just makes it fun!”

Six of the ride vehicles are themed to different mice, while seventh is the cheese car. This vehicle isn’t just snackable, it serves as the vehicle for guests utilizing ADA access.

“Working to go beyond ADA compliance is extremely important to us,” said Ramon Rosario, Sales Director of the Americas. “The cheese car not only looks great it features a hinged door that opens allowing riders transferring from a wheelchair easier vehicle access.”

This new Twister Freeform has a lot of small upgrades from the Twister Coaster the company has sold for over twenty years. “Cedar Point challenged our design team in a lot of ways,” said Adam Sandy, Roller Coaster Sales & Marketing Director. “We went back to the drawing board and created a custom layout just for the park. We are thrilled with not only the layout, but the ride as a whole. It delivers in the way that Zamperla promised with the re-introduction of the Roller Coaster Business Unit in 2021. The ride iexciting, smooth and features the latest coaster technology. It is a huge step up from older Zamperla coasters and lays a new benchmark for our coaster quality.”