Alex Aliume’s live painting event at “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite” at AREA15

By | May 11, 2021

On Saturday, May 2,  “Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite”, the first-of-its-kind immersive art experience at AREA15 in Las Vegas hosted a live painting event with artist Alex Aliume. Aliume created under blacklight, “Eye of Eternity.”

Aliume is known for his psychedelic artwork featured on the Wink World façade and in the Wink World gallery located in the main hallway leading into the infinity rooms.

“Wink World: Portals Into The Infinite” is a 1,500-square-foot experience taking the entertaining fusion of whimsy, color, art, technology and music creator Chris Wink pioneered as co-founder of Blue Man Group to the next level. Wink World comprises a series of six infinity-mirror rooms, each one showcasing a stunning production number drawing upon Wink’s love of black light and other dazzling stage effects designed to evoke “life force” and inspire wonder. ’s penchant for transforming everyday objects into art or entertainment provides his delightful brand of dynamism to the experience, as ceiling fans transform into kinetic art and children’s toys like Slinkies and Hoberman Spheres become elevated into a chorus line of dancers and entertainers.

To strike the right mood for Wink World’s meditation on infinity, Wink recruited rising art-star Aliume to make a cosmically inspired, 3-D black light art gallery in the expanse that leads to exhibit’s first infinity mirror room. Wink worked with Aliume to choose 15 of his distinctive artworks that relate to the concept of infinity. Aliume’s work was already featured inside Wink World’s sixth infinity mirror room, its gift shop and across the entire façade, but Wink sought to give Aliume a space where guests could enjoy his art in a reflective gallery setting. Guest entering the Aliume Gallery will receive ChromaDepth 3-D glasses that make the colors appear to float in separate planes.