S&S Worldwide adds new experience for its portfolio of tower rides

By | October 20, 2020

ATTim Baldwin

LOGAN, Utah — If there are silver linings to find during the global pandemic, one would be the opportunity for creative people to think outside the box.

The engineers and management at S&S Worldwide knew this was an ideal time to offer something new, but also be cognizant of park operators’ financial challenges during the health crisis.

“With the devastation caused by the pandemic, I challenged our team to come up with an attraction that our customers could offer their guests,” said Tim Timco, president and CEO. “It had to be something that was exciting but didn’t break the bank. I think our guys knocked it out of the park. I am beyond excited to bring this attraction to the market.”

S&S is introducing Spin Shot. The new ride concept utilizes the famous tower rides that exist around the globe and brings a refresh to them. This offers parks the opportunity to present a new ride to its guests, while not having to invest in an entire ride structure.

Spin Shot replaces the former ride carriages on the Space Shot, Turbo Drop and Double Shot towers. By adding a new seating configuration made from the company’s popular 4D Free Spin Coasters, thrills are amped to a higher level. Currently, S&S has more than 150 towers in operation around the world. This new upgrade has no limitations in regard to the tower height. Seating around the tower can be 12 or 16 seats.

“We are so stoked about this ride. We have a lot of towers out in the world. I am pumped to show people the limitless ways this can enhance their existing tower,” said Paul Lattin, director of engineering. “Parks could even retheme and rename their towers to really hit on the new ride experience for their guests.” 

In contrast to the 4D Free Spin Coasters that flip freely and use magnetic plates to initiate flips, the Spin Shot is completely controlled mechanically to ensure a comfortable ride. But more importantly, it gives both operators and guests the ability to choose the right experience that is right for them.

“We realized [the pandemic] was going to be a pretty serious issue for the parks. We started looking at ways we could help and make something viable but exciting and compelling for the next couple of years and the immediate future,” Josh Hays, executive director of sales and marketing, told Amusement Today. “The park can have an infinite number of programs depending on how aggressive or nonaggressive they want to offer. There can be choices between stationary to multiple levels of insanity. We think it will be really fun, and it’s a reasonably priced upgrade.”

Ride experiences can differ from tower to tower, for special thrill events or from one ride cycle to the next.

The new refresh begins with the initial phase of the ride experience where the ride vehicle is being weighed. Riders are rotated into different positions. Once launched, the sightlines can change from being inverted staring down at the ground to looking skyward as riders flip.

“Can you imagine the comments people are going to make when they see this run!? This will be as much fun for people watching as it will be for the riders,” said Lars Lenders, European director of sales.

Executives estimate the ride can be ready as quickly as fall of 2021.