ProSlide granted multiple patents for FlyingSAUCER water wide

By | September 29, 2020

OTTAWA, Canada — ProSlide Technology Inc. (“ProSlide”), the industry leader in water ride design, technology, and manufacturing, is pleased to announce that on July 7, 2020, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted ProSlide a second United States Utility Patent (U.S. Patent No. 10,702,783 B2) related to its award-winning FlyingSAUCER Water Ride.  This adds to ProSlide’s expansive portfolio of 17 FlyingSAUCER patents in 8 countries worldwide. 

The FlyingSAUCER is an innovative high-speed feature that has redefined how to turn in a water ride.  To date, the FlyingSAUCER has been installed at over 40 water parks world-wide, including SeaWorld, Six Flags, OCT, Siam Park, Holiday World, and Splashway – the 2019 IAAPA IMPACT award-winner (Sheridan, Texas).

“FlyingSAUCER’s innovative features are seen (and felt) from its first installation — SINGHA at Siam Park, in 2015”, says Ray Smegal, Chief Commercial Officer. “At ProSlide, we are relentless in our focus on transforming water parks with innovative water ride technology. The FlyingSAUCER patents underscore our commitment to research and development and ensure our trusted clients will be differentiated and protected in their market”.

ProSlide has long recognized the importance of intellectual property and how it helps their customers future-proof their water parks. By shoring up their intellectual property, ProSlide will bring greater security, return on investment, and differentiation to all its protected water rides and parks.

“Protecting our IP is all about protecting our client’s investment in value and innovation,” says Greg White, ProSlide’s Director of Product Line Management and R&D. “They trust ProSlide because we offer the most innovative water rides that deliver unmatched guest entertainment value and safety. The innovative FlyingSAUCER patents represent many years of FlyingSAUCER development and add to our industry-leading patent portfolio”.