New Funplex Amusement Park location coming to Myrtle Beach

By | June 12, 2020

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — The Lahn Family, owners of The Funplex Amusement Centers of East Hanover and Mount Laurel, NJ, are excited to announce their plans to build a new outdoor amusement park, The Funplex Myrtle Beach.

Conveniently located just a few steps from the beach on 14th Ave between Withers Drive and Ocean Avenue, the Funplex Myrtle Beach is designed for families and thrill seekers alike. The new tropical themed park will be lined with palm trees, feature seven rides, a walk-up bar and restaurant, and hours of family entertainment. “Mach Fun”, the tallest, interactive 360° jet simulator ride on the market, and first-of-its-kind in North America, reaches heights over 50 feet and will be the centerpiece ride of the park. The “Fun in the Sun” roller coaster features a lengthy track encircling the perimeter of the park, a 65 foot “Drop and Twist” tower ride offers amazing ocean views while “Hang Ten”, “Hook and Slice”, “Sunny Day”, and “Up and Overboard” round out the custom ride layout.

Facing Ocean Avenue, the Funplex bar and restaurant will feature signature food and drink options just steps from the beach. Yet to be named, this two sided, walk-up bar and restaurant will offer 8 domestic and local draft beers, custom frozen drinks and traditional bar food options.

“We are excited to bring the Funplex brand of fun to Myrtle Beach. We opened our first location in Mount Laurel, NJ 23 years ago and have developed our parks in a thoughtful and deliberate way since,” said Funplex CEO Brian Williams. “The Funplex Myrtle Beach will offer a big punch in a compact footprint. Families can stay for a few hours and really keep busy.”

“We have been fortunate to provide families a place to eat, ride, splash and play for years and we are thrilled to open another location for families to make memories,” said Randy Lahn, owner of the Funplex Amusement Centers. “Myrtle Beach has been on our radar for years and I’m happy see it come to fruition.”

Rezoned as an “amusement zone” last year, The Funplex design received Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board approval last week and is making final arrangements to begin construction. The park is expected to open in Spring 2021.