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By | December 4, 2018

To be held at The PARK at OWA, FOLEY, ALABAMA. Opened in the summer of 2017, the PARK at OWA boasts 21 attractions, a bustling dining and entertainment district, hotel accommodations, and a multi-use sports complex – all just 15 minutes from the white sand beaches of the Gulf Coast. This year’s “Ride Camp” is your opportunity to earn or renew iROC instructor certification, learn best practices from a host of industry pros, and network with your peers in a relaxed and fun setting.

Why Attend iROC Ride Camp 2019?
RIDE CAMP-ers will obtain / renew instructor certification for the International Ride Operator Certification program. CAMP-ers will learn the Ten Critical Components, the foundation of the iROC program, and how to teach these components to every ride operator so that successful results are achieved in the field.
This is not your average safety conference.  iROC Ride Camp has a serious message, and wants campers to have fun at the same time. Whether a General Manager, Director, Manager or Supervisor, Ride Camper will:

* Use actual ride operation videos to showcase ride operator performance do’s and don’ts;

* Participate in hands-on skills practice using actual amusement rides, the most effective means of training and reinforcing the Ten Critical Components;

* Learn from a team of industry experts from various amusement industry parks who share innovative ideas for teaching each component. The faculty teaches ride operator safety courses and shares their best practices. Faculty this year are from Parks across the country such as Morey’s Piers, Cedar Point, Holiday World, Elitch Gardens Mega Parc (Canada), Kings Island, and more.

* Master premier train the trainer techniques, with a unique focus on the “Great 8 ” keys to training Ride Operators. Newly enhanced for 2019, Ride Campers will have the opportunity to conduct videotaped training presentations to improve presentation skills and training retention.
What’s New In 2019?
So much!  If you have attended an iROC Safety School in the past, don’t think you won’t get anything new from Ride Camp 2019!  New this year…
  • Waterpark Certification:  iROC is now offering top-of-the-slide iROC certification for waterpark operators.  Learn how the Ten Critical Components fit into the waterpark environment to improve safety, professionalism, and efficiency in non-lifeguarding positions;
  • Skill Level Tracks! For the first time, iROC Ride Camp will offer opportunities for experienced iROC students to take more advanced courses in ride safety, ADA compliance, and legal exposure, while less experienced Rider Campers will take foundational courses to improve ride safety performance and training effectiveness.
  • Additional “teachback” opportunity!  By popular demand, this year’s school will give all Ride Campers the opportunity to conduct two videotaped “teachbacks” to help hone and strengthen training techniques.
  • New and improved Instructor Materials to support training and improve ride operator performance in parks of any size;
What If I’m Not An iROC Park?
The goal of iROC Ride Camp is to improve safety in the industry, not limited to iROC parks or facilities. IRT welcomes Ride Campers from across the industry regardless of iROC participation. While Ride Campers from non-iROC facilities will not receive instructor certification, iROC program materials, or other iROC specific information, there is still plenty to learn at Ride Camp. All Ride Campers will work together to improve training techniques, increase safety awareness, and fight off bad performance habits that can sneak into any operation.
iROC Ride Camp is not just a great way to get iROC Certified, it is the best ride operations safety conference our industry has to offer.
Who Attends Ride Camp?
One of the greatest strengths of iROC Ride Camp is the breadth of facilities that are represented. From huge, corporately-operated chains to small family-owned parks, iROC brings the entire industry together to network, share best practices, and learn from one another. There is no such thing as a “dumb question” or a “bad idea” at iROC Ride Camp. Whether you are a first-year ride operations supervisor or a seasoned general manager or vice president, you will learn something new, something valuable, and from someone unexpected at Ride Camp.
What Exactly Is The iROC Program? 

iROC is the first and only third-party certification of ride operations training and performance standards.  iROC facilities embody a total commitment to safe, efficient, and professional ride operation. The iROC program provides training resources and support to seamlessly fold-in the Ten Critical Components, the foundation of iROC Certification, into new and existing training programs. Taught by iROC Certified Instructors, iROC front-line operators learn strict attention to safety while maintaining efficiency and professionalism.

Once initial training is complete, iROC facilities receive the tools and support necessary to audit themselves and receive periodic unannounced compliance audits. Audits are conducted by IRT third-party auditors to ensure compliance with the Ten Critical Components necessary to maintain certification.  IRT’s self-evaluation tools and periodic third-party audits assist iROC clients in recognizing trends in their operation over time, to identify training and performance strengths and weaknesses, and support development of supervision and management as leaders in the industry.
iROC audits are rigorous, assessing a client’s ride operation on over thirty performance criteria, each of which is weighted to provide the most meaningful assessment of actual ride operator performance possible. Where weaknesses or noncompliance is identified, IRT works with iROC clients to identify and implement corrective measures to improve the operation and maintain third-party certification.
Attending the iROC school, you have an opportunity to enhance both  your operational leadership and teaching skills. It is a great opportunity to share with other industry leaders’ experiences and building long-lasting industry friendships.