Record-breaking season for GARDALAND RESORT the absolute leader in Italy in themed hotels thanks to the new Gardaland Magic Hotel

By | November 12, 2018

The gates of Gardaland Magic Halloween have just been closed and – while awaiting the next opening for Magic Winter – the first conclusions can be made regarding the current season.

2018 turned out to be, for Gardaland Resort, a real record-breaking season, recording a positive trend both inside the Park and in the two hotels of the Resort.

The Park – declares Aldo Maria Vigevani, CEO Gardaland – experienced an increase in the number of Visitors, with a 17% growth compared to 2017 while the occupancy rate of the two Hotels rose by 5%. We are very pleased – continues Aldo Maria Vigevani – to have met the objectives that we had set for ourselves: Gardaland Hotel and Gardaland Adventure Hotel are almost always fully-booked, to the point that we reached an occupancy rate of 85% during this past season.”

On the strength of the success of season 2018 Gardaland Resort is strengthening its leadership in the domestic themed hotels field thanks to a 20 million Euro investment for the construction of Gardaland Magic Hotel. 128 rooms dedicated to magic divided in three different themes: Foresta Incantata (Enchanted Forest), Cristallo Magico (Magic Crystal) and Grande Mago (Great Wizard).

We are looking at the birth of the first themed hotels hub in Italy making Gardaland Resort the only real, undisputed player in Italy for themed accommodation.

In regards to foreign markets – which Gardaland will keep working on thanks to new agreements to be signed in 2019 – Gardaland Resort’s hotels registered a great flow of Austrian, German, Swiss and British visitors, with a lot of families with children appreciating the entertainment offer promoted by Gardaland Resort. Very positive are also the presences from Israel, favoured by the consolidated links between the airports of Tel Aviv and Verona, with main airline and charter flights.

Gardaland Resort is especially popular among families with children that see their stay as the fulfilment of a dream and of a unique experience that continues beyond the mere visit of the Park. A stay at the hotels of Gardaland Resort offers the functionality and the comfort of a four-star hotel with the opportunity to “take home” an exclusive and unique range of emotions.

In terms of what kind of client is currently choosing to stay at the hotels of Gardaland Resort, a highly significant figure can be found in the strong growth of bookings by Italian tourists – 17.2% more compared to 2017 – with the national market representing, out of the grand total of bookings in the two hotels, 58.4%. Top Visitors were families of 4 people originating from Rome, Milan, Turin, Bari and Venice with an average stay of two nights.