Management Resources and ProFun Management Group Finalize Merger to Create MR-ProFun

By | November 15, 2018

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Today marks the formal introduction of MR-ProFun following the successful merger of Management Resources and ProFun Management Group, two highly respected operations consulting and management firms with long-standing reputations in the themed-entertainment and cultural attractions industry. Both entities provided an assortment of planning, advisory and management services, though Management Resources focused mainly on operational consulting while ProFun Management Group focused on operational management. The introduction follows a carefully orchestrated integration process that enabled the two companies to fully realize and optimize their combined resources within the new corporate entity.

Leadership of the new organization includes Brad Merriman as president; Jim Higashi as managing partner, planning & advisory services; and Mike Oswald as managing partner, management services. The company will continue to operate from the corporate headquarters located in Orange County, California and the regional office in Shanghai, China.

“We are thrilled to formally introduce MR-ProFun,” said Brad Merriman, president of MR-ProFun. “The merger of our two world-class organizations enables us to offer a broader, more comprehensive array of high-quality services backed by our 38 years of experience in this industry.”

MR-ProFun’s multi-functional team of consultants and operations experts will continue to focus on assisting owners and developers with virtually every aspect of strategic planning, execution and management of new and existing attraction developments. The corporate mission remains focused on ensuring clients have the tools and insights necessary to successfully produce compelling experiences that yield high guest satisfaction and superior financial results.

“We are confident that our newly combined talent and resources leave us well positioned as the premier attractions industry consulting and management firm,” said Jim Higashi, managing partner of planning & advisory services. “Our blended team will deliver consultation and management expertise for theme parks, museums, aquariums, destination resorts, brand centers and world expositions.”

MP-ProFun has realigned its core service offerings into five areas, including:

Planning: Ensure projects have realistic and achievable goals to acquire and maintain long-term success. This includes formulated analysis and development of revenue opportunities, capacity and sizing requirements, organizational structure and operating budgets.

Advisory: Deliver expert advice and consultation to achieve operational efficiencies that maximize attendance and revenues and minimize costs. This includes development of a detailed roadmap on how to reach, measure and sustain success metrics.

Training: Offer customized employee induction programs; service excellence systems; safety, service and leadership training; on-location guest service and training audits; and the development of standard operating procedures.

Implementation: Success is determined when a strategy is executed and favorably measured. Proper implementation of a plan ensures clients achieve stated goals and mitigate encountered challenges. Our Implementation Process includes full venue opening, training, and management to achieve an efficient, profitable long-term operation.

Management: Deploy on-site teams to address all critical operations, including general management, guest services, admissions and ticketing, ride and show systems, food and beverage, retail, maintenance, safety, finance, marketing and human resources.

“Our roster of over 350 clients spanning 45 countries is evidence of our exceptional track record,” said Mike Oswald, managing partner of management services. “We are excited about our newly expanded suite of capabilities and growing client base. Our latest project launch is this month in Bangkok, Thailand with King Power Mahanakhon Skywalk.”

MR-ProFun was originally founded in 1980 as two separate entities, Management Resources and ProFun Management Group. Today the company operates as a management consulting and operational management specialist based in Orange County, California with a regional office in Shanghai, China. The firm specializes in identifying efficiencies that maximize or further optimize new and existing operations at visitor attractions, including theme parks, museums, water parks, aquariums, destination resorts, brand centers, world expositions and Olympiads.