Chance Rides receives the first ever Innovation of the Year Award

By | November 29, 2018

WICHITA, Kan. — Chance Rides is extremely eager to announce its latest achievement. The company was nominated and won the first ever Innovation of the Year Publisher’s Pick Award.

On Saturday September 8th, at the Golden Ticket Awards in Branson Missouri, Dick Chance proudly accepted the Innovation of the Year award. Chance Rides was nominated for its advanced green technologies applied to The Electric C.P. Huntington Train. This reinvented train is making a huge impact on the industry and pushing it in a clean, Eco friendly direction.

Since 1961 the C.P. Huntington has set the industry standard for quality and we continue to raise the bar with the latest evolution of the Electric C.P. Huntington train. After many years of manufacturing the C.P. Huntington train we knew it was time to take a step above the rest and started creating plans for the first ever all electric zero emissions train. The Electric C.P. Huntington was displayed at IAAPA last year in Orlando and caught the attention of many.

This year in April its prototype was installed at Landry’s Downtown Aquarium in Houston and has been a major success! The electric operation will take over most of the work for train operators’ hands by programing the ride experience tailored to your park needs as it accelerates or decelerates up and down hills and around curves as well as designated loading and unloading spots, in turn making the ride much safer for its passengers and pedestrians nearby. They are quieter, have a very minimal cost for fuel and furthermore being Eco friendly allowing for applications indoor as well as outdoor! This virtually reduces maintenance and operations cost tremendously.

Our trains have always been hand-built by the finest craftsmen in the industry resulting in the highest quality train, both aesthetically and operationally, available today. The future of transportation will be built around green, electric powered driven systems, Chance Rides embraces these green technologies and has invested in developing the first of its kind with many more to come!