From 15th to 30th September Gardaland Oktoberfest will be back with its mix of traditional gastronomy and fun

By | July 19, 2018

Gardaland Oktoberfest, the extravaganza dedicated to Bavarian food and winery is becoming a tradition, as it will be on offer for the Guests of the Park for the fourth consecutive year. From 15th to 30th September, thanks to rich theming and a food offer appropriate for the event  all the joy of one of the most popular festivities in Europe will meet all the adrenaline of the Park’s rides.

The bravest Guests, who will be showing up at the Park, on the opening day, wearing a typical Bavarian outfit will be able to enter the premises at the special price of 15 euro.

For sixteen days the Park will transform itself thanks to fantastic decorations and spectacular and scenic theming, featuring 2,200 beer barrels and gigantic steins, over 5 metres in height, which will be decorating the streets of the Park along with colourful flags and fluttering drapes.

Centro of this great celebration will be Valley of Kings square, set up to faithfully resemble the rich pavilions of the popular Bavarian fest; over 1,000 seats will allow the Guests to savour incredibly tasty typical dishes: Bavarian pretzels, speck with grana cheese and gherkins, delicious pork shin, chicken drumsticks, Nuremberg sausages, krauts and French fries. There will of course be plenty of beer to be savoured in one of the many points inside the Park where it will be drafted.

Like in past editions, there will be stacks of unmissable themed entertainment gigs inside the Park, right from the opening of the entry gates, with the themed Welcome Show at 09.55 AM: 8 ballet dancers in magnificent red and brown Bavarian costumes will be welcoming the Guests, making them part of the fun atmosphere right from the start. The Kapuziner Bier Band will brighten up the Camelot area during the morning and they will be performing onstage in Valley of Kings square during the lunch break. The Guests will be joined by the friendly Prezzemolo, ready to be admired and photographed, sporting a traditional Bavarian outfit.

Gardaland Oktoberfest is an original event, an experience to enjoy the Park in a completely different way while immersing oneself in the folklore and in the magic of the most classic Bavarian tradition. Fun will be guaranteed by rhythmed music, involving dances and delicious typical dishes.