Z-Funweek: an ode to fun and creativity

By | March 25, 2021

Celebrations at Zamperla have always been on the agenda. We are a big community of people who enjoy working together with the focus of creating Fun, and to experience it as much as we can while designing it.

Last year, we took the time to study new technologies, embrace our collective creativity, and bring new ideas to light. Our daily motivation continues to be a desire to bring people back to the parks, to satisfy their need for fun, and for guests around the world to savor those unique experiences once again.

All of this is why we’ve decided to host a Funweek . Halfway through each month, Funweek will not only be full of surprises and special projects; but will become a regular event designed to discover a brand-new product through the end of 2021. We present the Funweek as a digital parade: an ode to fun, with its own recognizable visual identity, colorful and bright.

There will be many big announcements, a lot of exciting weeks, a fixed appointment to discover what we have been working on in recent months and which new products will populate the world of amusement parks for decades to come.

Thanks to the collaboration of our engineers and creatives, we will be able to illustrate and explain the new attractions through a unique journey into the world of design, research, and imagination that lies behind the creation of each Zamperla attraction.

The journey has already started in February with the launch of our ChronoZ, a versatile tweener ride, perfect for the entire family, with ideal dimensions for every kind of location – both indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its compact footprint.

The second stop on our Funweek parade sees the launch of Gryphon. One of the few rides in the market offering a single rider experience, a modern attraction which reminds guests of old-fashioned classics with a thrilling combination of gravity and accelerations.

Z-Funweek is a digital project created with the goal of connecting people, continuing to actively engage our community, and showcasing the challenging work we’ve done over the past year!

To stay updated on the Z-Funweek project and discover all the digital events we have planned, please follow Zamperla’s social media channels!