Zamperla: virus proof roller coasters for a safe ride experience

By | July 27, 2020

Having fun, feeling safe. That is the current challenge Amusement Parks are facing with the Coronavirus Pandemic and the connected regulations and access restrictions related to rides.

The return to amusement parks after lockdown measures is a complex affair, with visitors having to deal with various guidelines alongside the concerns of employees, suppliers, and customers. Given the unusual circumstances placed upon them, it is perhaps no surprise that technology is playing a major part in the re-opening.

Doing a strategic study related to the flows within the amusement parks and the most visited attractions, Zamperla has implemented and developed a new system and an effective solution to help clients and parks disinfecting roller coasters vehicles to contain the spread of viruses, bacteria, ensuring the cleanliness and safety of surfaces.

The Wash-Through Ride System is a simple and practical structure to install, which consists of a tunnel or a suspended structure positioned arched above the vehicle that is sanitized through amid foggy air between the unloading and loading people or while people are seated, depending on the preferences of the Park. The misting system can be easily customized in relation with the thematization of the roller coaster and perfectly inserted into the setting without being too invasive.

The wash consists of a sanitizing solution mist, not alcohol- based, colorless, and odorless with a biocidal action up to 18 hours over the surfaces without leaving the vehicles wet or humid and without ruining the fiberglass.

The sanitizing solution action time is 45 seconds circa, which consists in a cycle of 15 seconds of spraying and 30 seconds for activating the biocidal action on surfaces. The washing cycle could be done each 5 or 10 rides, varying on the preferences operating automatically as we are focused on the remote operation to minimize human supervision, and therefore, the additional risk of spreading COVID-19 while running the system.

The Wash-Through Ride System is a practical and multifunctional apparatus becoming, if necessary, a structure for washing vehicles at the end of the day, based on the liquid inserted inside the pipes (cleaning soap or any other kind of detergent), or a refreshing walk-through tunnel, in relation with the requirements of the park.

The misting system has been conceived for more efficient and reliable automatic disinfection compared to the manual one, with almost halved times and significantly lower queuing times, optimizing the whole process.

Another plus of the system is the ability to set the intensity of the spray by allowing the disinfection of vehicles and people at the same time, enabling passengers to stay seated during the sanitation process, doubling their safety.

In response to the COVID-19 emergency Zamperla wants to be close to its clients by developing effective solutions for the safety of visitors within amusement parks, always supporting its customers to optimize their business. The company proposes the disinfectant system for coasters with turnkey solution or leaving all the necessary instructions to the customer for the autonomous installation of the device.

Virus proof roller coasters’ seats are the first step for the reliable implementation of Amusement Parks, improving and optimizing cleaning processes, guaranteeing the fastest solution to have a fun ride, in all safety, speeding up waiting times.