Thinkwell Group publishes post COVID-19 white paper for location-based entertainment industry when reopening parks, museums, & entertainment venues

By | April 30, 2020

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — In a white paper published today, Thinkwell Group addresses seven areas for location-based entertainment owners and operators to consider when reopening their park, museum, attraction, or entertainment venue in a post COVID-19 world. From the entrance experience, ticketing processes, and queues to touchless interactives and VR, the white paper details concepts that are intended not only for theme parks and attractions, but for most location-based entertainment venues. Some of these solutions are already being developed with Thinkwell’s global clients, highlighting the viability and adaptability of these solutions.

One area addressed in the white paper is what’s next for interactive and touch screen experiences. Thinkwell is already working on prototype concepts for touchless interactives with the research & development team at Thinkwell Studio Montréal. “We have been talking with many of our clients about what they think they’re going to need to be a trusted venue for guests and employees post COVID-19, and we’re exploring what we can do to adapt and adjust to give everyone an improved and safer experience,” says Craig Hanna, Thinkwell’s Chief Creative Officer.

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